2023 Masters Olympia Rosters Announced

See which competitors are taking the stage when the contest returns in Romania this August.

The long-awaited 2023 Masters Olympia is scheduled to go down in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, from August 26-27. The contest is taking place for the first time since 2012, and it’s also the first time that multiple divisions outside of Men’s Open will be showcased. 

In total, 10 IFBB Pro League divisions will appear at this event — the only division not included is Men’s Wheelchair.

Now, after months of speculation, the rosters for all 10 Masters Olympia divisions were revealed in an Instagram post on April 25. Check out the roster breakdowns below.


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Men’s Bodybuilding

The Men’s Open contest features 19 athletes, highlighted by Joshua Lenartowicz, who may be the biggest surprise of all. The Australian powerhouse finished ninth at the Mr. Olympia twice (2016, 2017) and was considered at one time to be a serious contender before taking a sabbatical. He hasn’t stepped on stage since his 11th-place finish at the 2020 Arnold Classic

Other notable entrants include 2019 Olympia 212 champion Kamal Elgargni, who opted to apply for the Open division, and former Tampa Pro winner Maxx Charles. Though rumors swirled that past Mr. Olympia champs like Jay Cutler and Phil Heath could possibly participate in the show, neither is on the final roster. Here’s who will show up: 

  • Vladimir Agrinskiy
  • Slavoj Bednar
  • Robert Burneika
  • Maxx Charles
  • Philip Clahar
  • Kamal Elgargni
  • Michael Ely
  • Vinny Galanti
  • Ken Jackson
  • Rusty Jeffers
  • Tony Lagrene
  • Joshua Lenartowicz
  • Sergio Lima
  • Michael Lynn
  • Marek Olejniczak
  • Joseph Piersante
  • Logan Robson
  • Fred Smalls
  • Ron Stevens


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212 Bodybuilding

The 212 division features 18 competitors, including inaugural Olympia 202 winner David Henry and Hidetada Yamagishi, who previously retired from competition in 2022. Another notable name is former 212 great Derik Farnsworth, who had been competing in non-Olympia Masters contests in recent years.

  • Anwar Darwish Ali
  • Masoom Butt
  • Fernando Noronha de Almeida
  • Ricardo Plata Duran
  • Jim Everton
  • Derik Farnsworth
  • Ahmed Fawzi
  • David Henry
  • Milton A. Martinez
  • Zohir Mihoubi
  • Bola Ojex
  • Jicheng Qian
  • Jonni Shreve
  • Steve Thayer
  • Ryan Walters
  • Wayne Williams
  • Jeff Williamson
  • Hidetada Yamagishi

Classic Physique

The Classic Physique division has 17 men that were accepted to compete. Fans of the 1990s and early 2000s may remember Darrem Charles, who had won eight pro shows as an Open bodybuilder. He was also a pioneer of the Classic Physique division when it started in 2016. Alex Cambronero, the 2020 Arnold Classic Physique winner, is also in the lineup.

  • Ross Caesar
  • Alex Cambronero
  • Richy Chan
  • Darrem Charles
  • Thomas Connelly
  • Ali Emre
  • Dawid Geler
  • Dion Harris
  • Vladimir Markov
  • Javier Martinez
  • Shanti Mitchell
  • Olushomo Oni
  • Michel Perez
  • Eric Perkins
  • Greg Rando
  • Peter Sciallo
  • Esteban Smith


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Men’s Physique

The Men’s Physique division has the largest of the four men’s contests at this show. Even current competitors like George Brown, Youcef Djoudi, and Myron Griffin are among the 20 participants. All three of those men were in the 2022 Men’s Physique Olympia but placed outside of the top 15.

  • Anton Antipov
  • George Brown
  • Everett Davis
  • Youcef Djoudi
  • Michael Ferguson
  • Dajuan Freeman
  • Myron Griffin
  • Kenyon Leno
  • Adon Marcus
  • Andrea Mosti
  • David Odom
  • Joshua Petrecky
  • Kevin Reeder
  • Sharif Reid
  • Everton Ribeiro
  • Byron Ross
  • Arya Saffaie
  • Marcell Shippen
  • Harlan Taylor
  • Terrence Teo

Women’s Bodybuilding

The fans in Romania will get to see athletes from all six women’s divisions at this competition, including 17 from Women’s Bodybuilding. Donna Salib, who placed 14th at the 2022 Ms. Olympia, highlights this roster, along with another 2022 Olympia competitor, Reshanna Boswell. 

  • Reshanna Boswell
  • Michelle Brent
  • Lori Conley
  • Leah Dennie
  • Jacqueline Fuchs
  • Evangelina Guzman
  • Tananarive Huie
  • Abi Jimenez
  • Silvia Matta
  • Cheryl Mears
  • Vera Mikulcova
  • Barbara Moojen
  • Donna Salib
  • Virginia Sanchez
  • Maria Segura
  • Dana Shemesh
  • Marcela Venegas

Women’s Physique

The Women’s Physique lineup includes 20 athletes, including 2022 Women’s Physique Olympia fifth-place finisher Ivie Rhein, renowned bodybuilder and powerlifter Suzanne Davis, and two-time Olympia competitor Tanya Chartrand. 

  • Birgit Andersch
  • Candice Carr
  • Tanya Chartrand
  • Suzanne Davis
  • Larissa Araujo de Lima
  • Caroline Alves Dos Santos
  • Stephanie Fredrickson
  • Heather Grace
  • Susan Graham
  • Lenore Gregson
  • Uta Koehler-Spitzbart
  • Maria Liberman
  • Robin Mays
  • Manuella Monteiro
  • Alida Opre
  • Oksana Piari
  • Ivie Rhein
  • Joanna Romano
  • Jennifer Taylor
  • Natalee Thompson


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There are only nine competitors in the Fitness lineup, the smallest out of all 10 divisions. However, the field is very competitive, with the likes of Tamara Vahn, Minna Pajulahti, and Stephanie Jones in the show. All three competitors were in the 2022 Fitness Olympia, where Vahn finished in sixth, Pajulahti took eighth, and Jones came in 13th. 

  • Marta Aguiar
  • Maria Laura Cerbelli
  • Debbie Fowler
  • Stephanie Jones
  • Sally Kendall-Williams
  • Babette Mulford
  • Minna Pajulahti
  • Stacy Simons
  • Tamara Vahn


The Figure lineup also touts 20 competitors, including 2022 Figure Olympia runner-up Jessica Reyes Padilla. She should be considered the early favorite in this division, but she isn’t the only athlete from the Olympia in this show: Shelace Shoemaker, who finished out of the top 15 in Las Vegas, will also take the stage in the hopes of nabbing a victory.

  • Jessica Baltazar
  • Zulfiya Bityeva
  • Alissa Carpio
  • Kim Clark
  • Her Eun
  • Veronica Gallego
  • Dee Jackson
  • Yelena Larina
  • Georgina Lona
  • Corrie Morales
  • Stella Miliani
  • Dorota Ogonowska
  • Gina Palma
  • Larissa Penaloza
  • Jennifer Reece
  • Jessica Reyes-Padilla
  • Shelace Shoemaker
  • Roberta Visintainer
  • Martina Yabekova
  • Thais Werner


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Of the 21 competitors in the Bikini division, only Jessica Wilson appeared at the 2022 Olympia, where she finished outside the top 15. This group does feature several athletes who regularly compete in other Masters shows but never reached the Olympia stage, so this is a big opportunity for them to earn a qualification. Though as the biggest roster at this show, there will be plenty of competition for the Bikini crown. 

  • Merica Abbado
  • Gigi Amurao
  • Elisangela Angell
  • Christy Brown
  • Abbi Gaetano
  • Larissa Godoi
  • Niccole Guggia
  • Kerryne Henich
  • Janine Herrera
  • Michelle Hurst
  • Nicole Jennifer Johnson
  • Geri Lara-Berger
  • Patricia Lloyd
  • Ruth Montes
  • Chelan Nour
  • Susan Price
  • Angela Ruscilli
  • Nucia Freitas Samo
  • Ayleen Santander
  • Aneta Szoltysek
  • Jessica Wilson


There are 18 Wellness athletes in this show. Synara Santana of Brazil failed to place in the top 15 at the 2022 Wellness Olympia, but she could qualify for the 2023 O if she wins here. She is the only athlete in this show who was in the 2022 Olympia, but Casey DeLong did compete at the 2021 Olympia and hopes to qualify in 2023 by winning here.

  • Nicollette Burns
  • Cinzia Massaro Clapp
  • Flora Conte
  • Casey DeLong
  • Nerilde Garcia
  • Houda Hmini
  • Anzhelika Ispodnikova
  • Liliana Velez Marin
  • Oana Marinescu
  • Joann Norwood
  • Alessandra Pinheiro
  • Clarissa Sanchez
  • Synara Santana
  • Carly Thornton
  • Dani Treiger
  • Tania Viegas
  • Simara Walter
  • Elizabeth Williams

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