Phil Heath, Frank Sepe, and Mike O’Hearn on the Value of Asking About Details

The trio return for another episode of "The Mike O'Hearn Show" on March 3, 2023.

Episode 35 of The Mike O’Hearn Show, published on Generation Iron‘s YouTube channel on March 3, 2023, saw the returns of fitness model Frank Sepe and seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath to the show. Heath opened the conversation about starting professional bodybuilding from his basketball background.

Heath expressed that those around him told him he could succeed in bodybuilding despite Heath’s initial skepticism toward committing his entire life to the sport, given that he is inclined to put his all behind everything he does. Ultimately, he thought the worst that could happen was that he didn’t achieve the results his career has since dividended, but that attempting was still worthwhile. Check out the full interview in the video below:

Learning From Others

The episode’s central theme was the takeaways that the three aesthetic men took away from those they crossed paths with on their way up their respective industries. Sepe mentioned his friendship with psychic John Edward, who Sepe touted as selling out arenas for his shows, from who Sepe has learned much of the aspects of his life that he employs today, from meditation practices to navigating negativity to general advice.

You really have to put a plan together to be successful.

Heath proposed to all the viewers and listeners tuning into the show to learn to ask more detailed questions. All three men agreed that they seek to help those who are kind and intent on learning from those who came before them. However, to do that, whoever is asking for advice needs to detail their inquiries so that someone like Heath can actually provide the value being sought.

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Heath spoke to the hypothetical that if one were to meet their idol or who they aspire to be like and is only given 60 seconds to talk to them, expressing gratitude without attempting to pick their brain might not be the most valuable use of that time. Putting in the work to narrow down to a precise point about something unclear or to clarify something troublesome is potentially worth hours and hours of mismanaged effort avoidance.

Professionals’ time is so valuable. You have to be cognizant of that.

Be sure to watch the entire episode on Generation Iron‘s YouTube channel to learn all the insights provided by Heath, Sepe, and O’Hearn.

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