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Category: Equipment

best home gyms

Best At Home Gym Benches

When considering the equipment one would need when building or improving their home gym, a gym bench should jump to the top of the priority list. The list of exercises a home gym

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best massage balls

Best Massage Balls

Massage balls are terrific, often portable tools that are great for working kinks and knots out of muscles. Typically made from rubber, massage balls differ in size, weight, and design, with some balls

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best catchers mitts

Best Catcher’s Mitts

The quality of your catcher’s mitt should not be a concern when squatting behind home plate calling every pitch. Luckily, there are many great glove choices to add to the equipment arsenal. The

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best first baseman gloves

Best First Baseman Gloves

First baseman gloves, or mitts as they’re sometimes called, are specifically designed to aid in the unique actions that accompany playing first base. For the unfamiliar, a first baseman is responsible for patrolling

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Best lat pulldown bar

Best Lat Pulldown Bars

Lat pulldown bars are important tools for athletes looking to build their back. Lat pulldown bars come in a variety of shapes, designs, weights, lengths, and grips. The one commonality they all share

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Best Catchers Equipment

Best Catcher’s Equipment

In baseball and softball, the catcher is known as “the general” of the field and is the only player to be involved in every pitch during a game (with the exception of the

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Best Agility Hurdles

Best Agility Hurdles

Agility hurdles are excellent tools for athletes who play on a field or court. They can improve an athlete’s ability to change direction sharply and often (basketball, football, tennis) or who need to

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