Felipe Rieutord Deadlifts 661 Pounds Raw at 19 Years Old

The Chilean powerlifter can move some seriously impressive weight.

Maybe there’s something in the water, but teenagers seem to be stronger nowadays. In just the deadlift, we have seen Hayden Willis sumo deadlift 350kg/771lb, Dylan Crawford pull 329kg/725lb in straps, Enahoro Asein sumo 324.7kg/716lb, and Artur Polutranko rip 300kg/660lb off of the floor in straps.

It’s hard to stand out in a sea of such strong teens — but Chilean powerlifter Felipe Rieutord did just that by pulling heavyweight from a conventional stance without straps. Heavy, conventional pulls without straps are a rarity. The last one of note was 2020 Arnold Grand Prix winner Ashton Rouska‘s 347kg/765lb lift. 

That is until the 19-year-old Rieutord took to his Instagram page to share a smooth 300kg/661lb raw deadlift on a stiff bar. Check out that lift (and all the hype that followed) below:


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According to Open Powerlifting, Rieutord’s competitive debut in the -74kg weight class of the Sub-Junior division is the only sanctioned event he has appeared in. That event was the Pan-American Powerlifting Championships on September 17th, 2019 in Uruguay, where he placed first with these stats:

  • Squat — 162kg/358.2lb
  • Bench Press — 115kg/253.5lb
  • Deadlift — 261.5kg/576.5lb
  • Total — 539kg/1,188.3lb

His deadlift was an International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Sub-Junior world record. If you have yet to witness that lift, check it out below courtesy of Rieutord’s Instagram page:


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It was a record short-lived for Rieutord as Nahel Baali broke it just two months later on November 29th at the European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) European Classic Championships in Kaunas, Lithuania with a 271kg/597.4lb pull.

Rieutord has yet to announce when he plans on competing next, and COVID-19 has reduced the number of competitions taking place. It’s safe to say, though, that whenever he does step on the platform next, Rieutord may attempt to take back the record. 

Feature image from Felipe Rieutord’s Instagram page: @pipe_pl19