Max Shethar Becomes Youngest Powerlifter to Deadlift 722 lbs In Competition

At the young age of 17, Max Shethar continues to move incredible weight.

Junior powerlifter Max Shethar had himself a day this past weekend competing at the Drug Tested Washington State Open held at DOP Strength Gym in Kirkland, Washington. 

Shethar, no stranger to moving big weight and blowing his peer’s minds with his young age, had his best meet to date and recorded a powerlifting first. For Shethar’s final deadlift, he pulled a massive 722 lbs, which now makes him the youngest athlete at the of age 17 to pull this amount in formal competition. 

In Shethar’s Instagram video’s caption he writes,

“722lbs deadlift, heaviest deadlift ever done under the age of 18 in competition, capped off a 1,726lbs total raw in knee sleeves 17 years old, 276lbs bodyweight at the @uspapower WA state drug tested championship”

On the day, he weighed in at 276 lbs and put together an incredibly impressive meet with his third attempts recording as follows:

  • Squat: 285kg/628 lbs
  • Bench Press: 177kg/391 lbs
  • Deadlift: 319.7kg/705 lbs
  • Total: 783kg/1,724 lbs

However, since the USPA allows fourth attempts for national records, Shethar was able to take fourth attempts and pushed his lifts even further, see below. 

  • Squat: 290kg/639 lbs
  • Bench Press: 182kg/402 lbs
  • Deadlift: 327kg/722 lbs
  • Total: 1,763 lbs

Before Shethar smashed his latest deadlift, elite powerlifter Ashton Rouska previously held the 700 lb+ deadlift-to-age accolade. In 2015, Rouska deadlifted an impressive 700 lbs at the age of 18 competing at the USAPL Texas Regional Championships.

With just under a year until he’s 18, we’re curious to see just how far Shethar can push this incredible deadlift accolade. This isn’t the first time we’ve written about Shethar either — and we have a feeling it certainly won’t be our last.

Back in May 2018, we first covered his lifting when he squatted a massive 575 lbs at the age of 15. Two years later, he’s moving that weight routinely — see his last 605 lb squat double — and completing powerlifting firsts.

The future is looking incredibly bright for this up and coming powerlifting phenom. We’re excited to see what else Shethar is able to accomplish at such a young age. Judging from his latest meets videos, he has plenty more in the tank. 

Feature image from @the_one_rep_max Instagram page.