19 Year Old Ashton Rouska Deadlifts 765 lbs

We’ve seen a fair share of strong teenagers in the last few months, so it’s only fitting we take the time to add Ashton Rouska to the list. Rouska is only 19 years old and has already built an impressive powerlifting resume.

Yesterday Rouska shared a huge deadlift milestone most may never hit, and that’s the eight plate pull (765 lbs). His pure excitement and joy after finishing the lift make the video.

A video posted by Ashton Rouska (@ashh117) on

In the video description Rouska writes, “Huge lifetime milestone. Felt there was a little more there. I told myself I’d accomplish this before 20, and by God’s continuing grace, the support of my brothers and sisters, and by sheer willpower, I will ascend to further heights.”

It would appear he’s hit his goal and smoked his lifetime milestone before leaving the teenage years behind.

Ashton Rouska competes in the -83kg and most recently the -93kg weight class. At the USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals in October of 2016, Rouska placed fourth (behind Norris, Ricks, and McClain) in the Raw Open division. He claimed first in the Raw Teen 3 division.

His final lifts were a 290kg (638 lb) squat, 175kg (384 lb), 327.5kg (720.5 lb), which gave him a 792.5 (1,743.5 lb) total.

Rouska’s best meet to date was at the Southern Regional Championships this past December. This meet he put up a ridiculous 900kg (1,980 lb) total. He finished with a 342.5kg (753.5 lb) squat, 220kg (484 lb) bench press, and 337.5kg (742.5 lb) deadlift.

A video posted by Ashton Rouska (@ashh117) on

A week ago USAPL posted their top 20 Raw Powerlifters of 2016 and Rouska was ranked 12th. In addition, he was also chosen to compete in June in the junior 205 lb weight class for the United States at the IPF Open Classic Powerlifting Championships in Minsk, Belarus.

At the young age of 19 it appears the sky’s the limit for this teen powerlifter. It’s going to be exciting to watch the new numbers Rouska is able to reach in 2017 and his return to the IPF stage in June.

Feature image from @ashh117 Instagram page. 


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