How To Watch Konstantine Janashia vs. Rauno Heinla Deadlift Showdown

Both men will attempt to set a new world 400kg deadlift for reps world record.

Season 2 of World’s Ultimate Strongman’s (WUS) “Feats of Strength” series starts this Sunday, September 13th. The premiere episode will feature Rauno Heinla and Konstantine Janishia battling it out head-to-head in a 400kg/882lb deadlift for reps challenge.

Each strongman will have 75 seconds to perform as many reps as possible with the goal of setting a new world record of 6 reps. Multiple strongmen, including both Heinla and Janishia, share the current world record of 5 reps.

There are three ways viewers will be able to watch the event:

The event will take place at 12pm EST/5pm GMT.


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Heinla’s first appearance on WUS’ “Feats of Strength” series was a deadlift showdown against Jerry Pritchett. The Estonian was able to achieve 5 reps to Pritchett’s 4 to win the event. However, no one was unable to set a new deadlift for reps world record in season 1. If you have not yet seen that battle between Pritchett and Heinla, check out our recap below:

In early August, Heinla took to his Instagram page and proved that he is, in fact, strong enough to achieve 6 reps at 400kg/882lb — setting an unofficial world record. In addition to this second chance in the deadlift for reps challenge, Heinla is already scheduled to compete in a max deadlift event in the “Feats of Strength” series in October alongside JF Caron (who also shares the deadlift for reps world record), Mikhail Shivlyakov, and Ivan Makarov.

This event will be Janashia’s debut in the “Feats of Strength” series. The 30-year-old Georgian narrowly missed the podium when he placed 4th at the 2016 World’s Strongest Man competition. He has won Georgia’s Strongest Man ten times and was the runner-up in 2018 Europe’s Strongest Man to Hafthor Bjornsson

With both Heinla and Janishia currently sharing the deadlift for reps world record, it will be exciting to see if either strongman can claim it solely for themselves when the face off this Sunday.

Feature image from World’s Ultimate Strongman’s Instagram page: @worldsultimatestrongman