French Powerlifter Prescillia Bavoil Wins IPF European Championship, Sets World Records

Prescillia Bavoil set two new world records on her way to claiming the European Championship!

French powerlifter Prescillia “Lya” Bavoil is the new International Powerlifting Federation European Champion in the -63kg weight class. Held last week in Kauthas, Lithuania, the European Championships saw Bavoil set two new world records and one new continental record.

If you have not yet seen Bavoil in action, she shared all three of her lifts from the European Championship on her Instagram page. Check it out here:

Competing in classic, Bavoil’s record breaking performance consisted of:

  • Squat: 193 kg (425lbs) – World Record
  • Bench: 105 kg (231lbs) – 3rd overall
  • Deadlift: 216 kg (476lbs) – Continental Record
  • Total: 514 kg (1,133lbs) – World Record

Bavoil beat the previous world record squat and world record total by a full 5kg (11lbs) and 8.5kg (18.7lbs) respectively. Both previous world records were also held by Bavoil.

In July of this year, Bavoil shared hitting a new deadlift PR of 205kg (452lbs) on her Instagram page. Just four months later, she shattered that PR by 11kg (24lbs) and set a continental record in the process with her 216kg lift.  

Bavoil’s new continental record deadlift was nearly three and a half times her competition bodyweight. However, her deadlift is still 5.5kg (12lbs) away from the current world record held by United States’ Samantha Calhoun, but at this pace, it would not be surprising to see Bavoil take a run at that record in 2020.

Bavoil only began competing in 2017 at the age of 23, but her ascent to the European crown should not have come as a surprise. Bavoil claimed gold in her first two competitions: the 2017 French Powerlifting Federation (FFForce) France Force Athletique Open and 2018 France Force Athletique Elite.

She secured the silver in the 2018 IPF European Championship, and earned the bronze at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championship earlier this year. Across her first five competitions, Bavoil has never missed the podium.

With such an impressive resume after only three years of competition under her belt, the world of powerlifting has a lot to look forward to in Bavoil’s future. We certainly can’t wait to see which records and titles she claims next.


Who is Prescillia Bavoil?

Prescillia “Lya” Bavoil is an accomplished powerlifter representing France and competes in the -63kg weight class.

Where were the IPF European Championships held?

The 2019 IPF European Championships were held from November 29th-December 8th in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Feature image from Prescillia Bavoil’s Instagram page: @lya_powerlift