Larry Wheels Bench Presses 605 lbs for Three Reps

Insanity. That’s probably the best word to describe literally any video Larry Wheels chooses to share on his YouTube or social media channels. Yesterday, Wheels shared another monster lifting video on his Instagram page, and it highlights a monster bench press triple with weight on the bar coming out to 274kg/605 lbs.

In my opinion, Wheels is at a point in his lifting career where anytime he PRs a lift, it’s something that is absolutely ridiculous and mind blowing, especially when you consider how explosive his growth has been over the last two years alone. There’s no denying that Wheels is among a list of some of the top strength athletes right now and with every PR comes more optimistic hope for what his future holds for powerlifting, bodybuilding, and even strongman. Yes, there have been some very light talks about Wheels taking a swing at strongman one day in the future. After all, it wasn’t too long ago when he was facing off and holding his own against Thor Bjornsson.

Check out Wheels’ latest bench press triple below with the trusth spot and motivation from Bradley Martyn. Now, Martyn’s no BTC (Black Tom Cruise), but Martyn is a pretty solid runner-up, and Wheels said BTC will still be around even though he recently moved to Los Angeles.

For context on this recent bench press triple PR. About a month ago, Wheels hit a bench press triple with 265kg/585 lbs at the Super League event held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Then in June 2017, Wheels had a go with 265kg/585 lbs and was able to hit a double PR and closely missed a triple.

If you’re like us and love watching Larry Wheels lifting videos, we’ve embedded a few of our favorite Wheels high-rep bench press pieces of content below and listed them accordingly to their dates published.

Feature image from @larrywheels Instagram page.