Watch Chris Bumstead Train Legs With Men’s Physique Bodybuilder Christian Guzman

The three-time Classic Physique Olympia champ joined Guzman for an episode of "Summer Shredding."

The three-time Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead is leveling up his physique in his 2022 off-season, including a leg day with Men’s Physique competitor Christian Guzman. Bumstead joined Guzman, who traveled to Stuart, FL, for a video posted to Guzman’s YouTube channel on May 2, 2022, as part of Guzman’s “Summer Shredding” series.

The video opens with a physique update by Guzman, who weighed himself in at 196.4 pounds before hydrating prior to his first meal, consisting of egg whites, onions, salsa toast, and a cup of cold brew coffee with almond milk. He joined Bumstead at the Olympia champ’s home to crush some pre-workout together before heading to the Revive Gym to train lower body. Check it out below:

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Bumstead & Guzman’s Leg Training

The bodybuilders’ leg training session started with a warm-up consisting of single-leg extensions, standard leg extensions, and hamstring curls. That alone was enough to get Guzman to admit his legs were already shaking, but he seemed comforted by the pace at which Bumstead navigated their workout.

It’s a very calm, composed tempo. It’s refreshing.

Once their warm-up was complete, Guzman and Bumstead dove straight into hack squats while wearing knee sleeves. Bumstead also wore a lifting belt for his sets, though the number of sets and reps was not shown during the lifting montage editing. Guzman performed at least one set with additional resistance bands on the hack squat machine. Judging from Bumstead’s breathing, he went pretty heavy for his sets.

I feel like I’m having a heart attack on this machine every time.

Despite the level-headedness that Bumstead maintains during his training sessions, the difficulty level for Guzman seemed more than what he is used to, as his breathing was intensely heavy. He consistently reiterated how his legs were shakey. The edit suggested that for at least one of Bumstead’s set of hack squats, he had seven 45-pound weight plates on both sides’ sleeves, meaning he repped out 630 pounds.

Following their hack squats, Bumstead and Guzman moved over to the dumbbell rack to perform Bulgarian split squats. Bumstead is shown performing them with 150-pound dumbbells in each hand without lifting straps — a nod to his grip strength. Guzman opted for 90-pound dumbbells in each hand and presumably performed the same rep scheme as Bumstead. At least three sets were performed, and it elevated Bumstead’s heart rate admittedly high.


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During a discussion about cardio, Bumstead says he prefers working on a recumbent bike rather than a standard exercise bike or treadmill because it puts less stress on his knees. Bumstead weighs 260 pounds. That kind of weight application slamming down on his knees is something he aims to avoid. After a quad day, Bumstead will walk on an incline on the tread for about 10 minutes, followed by 30 minutes on the recumbent bike.

I should start doing cardio so I can keep up with my own workouts.

Bumstead and Guzman continued their leg training with what appeared to be a superset of seated calf raises paired with more hamstring curls. Bumstead is seen pressing against the part of the machine that secures his legs for the hamstring curls to maintain his back against the pad and ensure better stability during the movement. Doing so prevents his lower back from lifting off the seat, keeping the tension on his hamstrings throughout the movement. 

Guzman had a grounded moment after a set of hamstring curls where he recognized how effort and fatigue in the gym are common for everyone, even those who’ve reached the pinnacle of the sport.

There’s no magic sauce here.

Upon concluding their leg session together, Guzman is seen guzzling down a pre-prepped meal he brought to the gym. Bumstead inquires about the volume differences between what they just performed versus what Guzman is accustomed to. Guzman noted that his leg days are often higher volume with less rest, presumably with less total load per set. Bumstead broke the fourth wall to talk to Guzman’s audience:

Tell Christian he needs to train his legs more. Esspecially his calves.

Guzman closed the workout with approximately a half-hour on a stair climber to sufficiently deplete himself.

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