Watch Thor Bjornsson and Larry Wheels Arm Wrestle for Glory

The World's Strongest Man™ and his protégé battle against one another in an old timey show of strength.

If you’re not following him yet, YouTube personality Jon “Jujimufu” Call has a phenomenal channel that features all the biggest names in strength sports, from Jen Thompson and Stefi Cohen to Clarence Kennedy and Cailer Woolam.. Lately he’s been filming with two men who are arguably the hottest names in strength: World’s Strongest Man™ Hafthor Bjornsson and powerlifter turned strongman Larry “Wheels” Williams.

The three of them recently got together to film a ton of content and one standout has been the matchup that many of us have wanted to see: Thor Bjornsson and Larry Wheels competing against one another.

OK, Wheels hasn’t won a fraction of the strongman events that Bjornsson has — last year alone he won World’s Strongest Man, the Arnold Classic, Europe’s Strongest Man, Iceland’s Strongest Man, and World’s Ultimate Strongman. (He also starred in the latest Kickboxer movie and got married. Big year.)

But this is still an extremely entertaining video. Bjornsson’s dad, the former arm wrestling champion of Iceland, also makes a cameo. The arm wrestling bout of the century occurs at the 3.33 mark, and later in the video Wheels also challenges Jujimufu, who gives some interesting pointers on form. Their final face off is at 14.54.

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If you enjoyed that, you’ll be glad to know Jujimufu made six total videos in Iceland with the two athletes, which included a pretty remarkable deadlift session that aimed to answer the age old question: how much easier is it to lift on an elephant bar?

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Right now, Bjornsson and Wheels are en route to the 2019 Arnold Classic in Ohio, where Bjornsson will be trying his hand at hitting his first 500-kilogram deadlift — a feat for which Rogue is offering $50,000. Whatever happens, we’ll have news to report from the event.

Featured image via Jujimufu on YouTube.