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7 Iconic CrossFit Games Events Modified For a Force USA Multi Trainer

A Multi Trainer can bring these CrossFit Games workouts into your own home gym.

The CrossFit Games are the tip of the fitness spear, testing dozens of the fittest athletes on the planet. In the quest to crown the Fittest on Earth®, CrossFit Games events are programmed each year differently, constantly evolving to test and showcase the strengths — and shortcomings — of competitors. 

Workouts at the CrossFit Games are meant to challenge the world’s toughest, most adaptable athletes. But you don’t have to be able to go toe-to-toe with Tia-Clair Toomey to crush some Games workouts of your own. Toss an everyday CrossFitter into a garage gym with a Force USA Multi Trainer, add in some strategic modifications, and you’ve got yourself some Games-style events.

Man deadlifting a barbell inside of a FORCE USA multi-trainer

The versatility of packing a suspension trainer and low row capabilities into a power rack means you can simulate workouts from Madison in an extremely limited space. When you take these iconic CrossFit Games workouts for a spin, you can see how you compare with the greats — and use these modifications to make the events friendlier to your experience level and garage gym.

What You Need For These Workouts

The workouts are created with Force USA’s Multi Trainer in mind. This trainer is essentially a complete gym, facilitating the fundamental movement patterns one needs to build muscle and gain strength. 

Force USA Multi-Trainers
Force USA Multi-Trainers
Force USA Multi-Trainers

This one piece of equipment is really many, many pieces of equipment, allowing for a multitude of exercises with a relatively small footprint. 

BarBend crafted these workouts with the assumption that anyone who owns this trainer also purchased a barbell, weight plates, and the Upgrade Kit — which includes jammer arms, a lat pulldown, dip bars, and a landmine handle.

Note: all of the exercise modifications listed below are listed from most difficult to easiest. 

Force USA’s Multi Trainer

CrossFitters looking to get their WOD on don’t necessarily need to drive all the way to a CrossFit box. Force USA’s Multi Trainer will let you get the training benefits of the CrossFit Games themselves — all from the comfort of your own garage gym.

The base Multi Trainer includes six strength training machines all wrapped up in the footprint of a single power rack. These machines include a:

  • Power Rack/Half Rack
  • Functional Trainer
  • Chin-Up
  • Landmine
  • Suspension Trainer
  • Low Row

Along with your barbell and weight plates, this functional power rack gives you most everything you need to beat any time cap you’re up against.

You can also add on the Upgrade Kit, which gives you everything from jammer arms and dip bars to storage shelves and a TV mount. With this, you can stream footage of the CrossFit Games themselves to get inspiration from the greats while chasing your own personal bests.


While you’re checking out the Games, you might be inspired to try some of the most iconic CrossFit Games events for yourself. BarBend has modified these CrossFit Games workouts specifically for the Multi Trainer. Time yourself and see how you compare with the world’s fittest athletes.

Iconic CrossFit Games Events Modified for a Multi Trainer

2022: Up & Over

Saxon Panchik took home a victory for this event. On the women’s side, this was one of the 35 Individual events that six-time champ Tia-Clair Toomey has won.

The Games Workout

3 rounds for time:


84-foot Weighted Lunge

Women: Jump 50-in log, 30-in box, 20-in Pig, lunge 125-lb axle bar

Men: Jump 50-in log, 42-in box, 20-in Pig, lunge 185-lb axle bar

Multi-Trainer Up and Over

3 rounds for time:

  • 12 Bar Dips 
  • 25 Broad Jumps
  • 30 Sit-Ups


24 Alternative Front-Rack Lunges

Muscle-Up Modifications

If you have the skill and the ceiling height to accommodate bar muscle ups, there’s no harm in sticking to the workout RX. If this is not an option for you — because your garage gym ceiling is too low or you can’t yet perform a muscle-up — try these modifications on for size:

  • Hand Release Push-Up
  • Bench Dips 
  • Band-Assisted Bar Dip
  • Bodyweight Bar Dip

The most advanced version here are the bodyweight bar dips — strap a weight plate to a dip belt if you need to up the ante even further.

Jump-Over Modifications

The Game’s version of this workout featured three different jump variations as the rounds progressed. Athletes first jumped over a log, then a box, then a “pig.” To harness the explosive hip extension benefits — and challenges — of these jump-overs in your home gym, set yourself up for broad jumps. You can choose from these options, depending on your experience, needs, and fitness level: 

By slowing the eccentric part of your cable pull-throughs, you’re setting yourself up for an explosive concentric portion. You’ll get lots of the benefit, but none of the joint impact.

GHD Sit-Up Modifications

No GHD (glute-ham developer)? No problem. Choose one of the below variations based on your fitness level and what’s most comfortable on your hips and back:

  • Straight-Leg Sit-Up
  • Bent-Knee Sit-Up
  • Butterfly Sit-Up

Be sure to keep your feet and/or legs firmly planted on the ground to engage your core as much as possible.

Weighted Lunge Modifications

During this Games workout, it took athletes roughly 24 to 28 lunge steps to complete the 84-foot lunge. For the sake of simplicity and to preserve space, you’ll be doing stationary lunges. To up the challenge, use your Multi-Trainer’s power rack to hold a barbell in the front rack position.

  • Alternating Front-Rack Lunge
  • Alternating Barbell Lunge
  • Bodyweight Alternating Reverse Lunge

Choose a weight that makes it extremely difficult to complete the 24 reps unbroken. It is appropriate to break this into three to four sets to finish the workout. If this is too challenging, you can modify it to bodyweight stationary lunges. 

2020: Toes-to-Bar/Lunge

Tia-Clair Toomey and Mat Fraser both lunged away with a victory for this 2020 event at the CrossFit Ranch in Aromas, CA.

The Games Workout

30-20-10 reps for time:

Women: 24-kg kettlebells

Men: 32-kg kettlebells

Multi Trainer Modification for Toes-to-Bar/Lunge

30-20-10 reps for time:

  • Toes-to-Bar
  • Alternating Back Rack Lunges

The goal of this workout would be to finish in the three to six minute range.

Toes-to-Bar Modifications

Athletes at the Games blazed through these unbroken. But if you’re not quite at that level, consider modifying your rep scheme or the movement altogether. 

  • 30-20-10 Toes-to-Bar
  • 15-10-5 Toes-to-Bar 
  • 30-20-10 Hanging Knee Raises 
  • 15-10-5 Hanging Knee Raises 
  • 30-20-10 V-Ups if you can’t hang from a pull-up bar 

Feel free to tailor the rep scheme based on your ability level. Aim to complete this part of your workout with no more than one quick break each round. 

Kettlebell Lunge Modifications

Due to the way the kettlebells rested back on the athletes’ shoulders, you might need to substitute back rack stationary lunges for this movement. Try to go as unbroken as you can for this workout. Choose a weight that allows you to do 30-20-10 alternating lunges unbroken. 

  • 30-20-10 Alternating Back Rack Lunge
  • 30-20-10 Alternating Reverse Lunge

If weighted lunges are too much for you, feel free to do this with just your body weight to finish within goal time. 

2018: Bicouplet 1 

Kara Saunders and Rasmus Andersen pulled away with the event win for this one.

The Games Workout


Women: 55 pounds

Men: 85 pounds

Multi Trainer Modification of Bicouplet 1


This couplet is another classic CrossFit sprint and is meant to be finished in the four to six minute range. 

Snatch Modifications

These snatches are meant to be light. Be sure to choose a barbell weight that allows you to complete each round of snatches with no more than one break. If you haven’t quite mastered the snatch yet, try one of these modifications.

For athletes who can’t perform a barbell clean, set up the bar in your power rack to perform push presses instead.

Chest-to-Bar Pull-Up Modifications

If you can pull off these advanced pull-ups, great.

A person performs a lat pulldown using the Force USA Multi Trainer. Text reads: "Chest-to-bar pull-up. Modifications: Pull-up. Band-assisted pull-up. Chest-to-bar lat pulldowns."

Otherwise, choose one of the options below that will best allow you to finish within the goal time cap. 

If you’re opting to use the Multi-Trainer’s lat pulldown option for this, use a heavy enough weight to force you to take a break at least once per round.

2017: 2223 Intervals 

Sara Sigmundsdottir and Logan Collins championed this event, which was the second-to-last of the Games in 2017.

The Games Workout

2 minutes on, 1 minute off:

Three minutes for the fourth round. Go until 75 reps of OHS are complete.

Women: 105 pounds

Men: 155 pounds

Multi Trainer Modification of 2223 Intervals

2 minutes on, 1 minute off:

Three minutes for the fourth round. Go until 75 reps of front squats are complete.

Rope Climb Modifications

This workout had athletes performing rope climbs with their legs, which essentially consists of a leg raise, hook, and pull. At home, you can modify this exercise with a pull-up bar complex that mimics the movement pattern and timing of the rope climb. 

Hang from the neutral grip position on the Multi-Trainer to mimic the hand positioning on a rope. You’ll complete six hanging strict leg raises then move directly into six strict pull-ups. If performed unbroken, aim to take roughly 30 seconds between reps.

  • 6 Strict Knee Raises + 6 Strict Pull-Ups
  • 30 Seconds of Lat Pulldowns 

In the event that hanging from a pull-up bar for that long is prohibitive, perform 30 seconds of heavy lat pulldowns with a neutral-grip handle. Do these from a tall-kneeling position for an extra challenge.

Ski Erg Modifications

The Ski Erg was a roughly 30-second sprint that fatigued the athletes’ shoulders, midline, and lungs. Burpees have a similar effect, fatiguing the triceps with push-ups and tiring out the midline with hip flexion. 

  • 12 Burpees 
  • 30 Seconds of Max Burpees 
  • 12 No Push-Up Burpees

Choose an option that feels best for your body. If you can’t complete 12 burpees within 30 seconds, try your best for half a minute and see how far you get. If full burpees (with a push-up) is too much for an all-out effort, take out the push-up component. 

Overhead Squat Modifications

The overhead squat is a technical movement that requires mobility and practice. Feel free to use one of the substitutions below based on your fitness level that allows you to preserve the workout stimulus. 

  • Overhead Squat
  • Front Squat
  • Air Squat

If you’re opting to use weights, choose a load that allows you to complete at least 20 unbroken reps in the first round.

2015: Triangle Couplet

The 2014 Fittest Woman on Earth®, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, blazed into first place on the women’s side, with five-time champ Mat Fraser taking care of business on the men’s side.

The Games Workout

15-10-6 reps for time of:

Women: 115 pounds

Men: 165 pounds

Multi Trainer Modification of Triangle Couplet

15-10-6 reps for time of:

  • Thrusters 
  • Burpee Pull-Ups 

The goal of this workout is to finish in the five to 10 minute range, capping yourself at 10-minutes.

Thruster Modifications

If thrusters are difficult on your wrists or you need more time to catch your breath between the squat and press component, you can split your movements as follows.

  • 8-5-3 Front Squats + 8-5-3 Push Presses

Choose a barbell weight that is moderate to heavy. It’s appropriate to break each round one to two times each round. 

Bar Muscle-Up Modifications

Since you substituted bar dips into your first muscle-up workout, try adding a stamina and conditioning option for this workout. If you can’t do a burpee then jump straight to the bar, feel free to use a platform step or plyo box to help you jump up to the bar each rep.

  • Burpee Pull-Up 
  • Burpee

Aim to complete these moves at a smooth pace that allows you to move consistently for each round. If you can’t perform the pull-up segment of this movement, just perform regular burpees. 

2014: Push Pull 

Michele Letendre and Josh Bridges won this event. Both went on to take fourth place overall in their respective divisions.

The Games Workout

For time of:

  • 7 Strict Handstand Push-Ups 
  • 50-Foot Sled Pull
  • 8 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
  • 50-Foot Sled Pull
  • 9 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
  • 50-Foot Sled Pull
  • 10 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
  • 50-Foot Sled Pull

Each round the deficit for the strict handstand push-ups increased. No kipping was allowed.

Multi Trainer Modification of Push Pull

For time of:

  • 7 Jammer Arm Shoulder Presses
  • 20 Alternating Low-Cable Rows from Squat
  • 8 Jammer Arm Shoulder Presses 
  • 20 Alternating Low-Cable Rows from Squat
  • 9 Jammer Arm Shoulder Presses
  • 20 Alternating Low-Cable Rows from Squat
  • 10 Jammer Arm Shoulder Presses
  • 20 Alternating Low-Cable Rows from Squat

Try to finish in the six to 11 minute range, capping yourself at 11 minutes. 

Handstand Push-Up Modifications

If you’ve upgraded your Multi Trainer with jammer arms, you’ve got a ready-made modification for the strict handstand push-up. The individual arms will require each side to work evenly. Do these standing up to put a similar demand on the midline that handstand push-ups require. 

  • Jammer Arm Shoulder Press
  • Military Press

If you prefer to work without jammer arms, good old-fashioned military presses will do the trick. Since these are strict, avoid using your legs in any fashion to assist pressing reps. Choose a weight that allows you to complete each round with no more than one break. 

Sled Pull Modifications

Here, you’ll mimic the movement pattern of the sled pull with the cables on the Multi-Trainer. You will be standing in a 90-degree squatting position to start. Alternate rowing between each arm for a total of 20 reps each round. 

  • Alternating Low Cable Row from Seat
  • Alternating Low Cable Row from Squat

Set the cables in the lowest position possible to mimic pulling a sled from the ground. Aim to complete the alternating rows unbroken each round; they should be extremely difficult for the final eight to 10 reps. 

2007, 2018, and 2020: The CrossFit Total 

The inaugural CrossFit Total was won by Nichole Dehart and Connor Banks. Tia-Clair Toomey and Royce Dunn finished on top of the 2018 version. Toomey repeated her victory in 2020, accompanied by Jeffrey Adler.

The Games Workout

For max total load:

Three attempts per lift with three minute rests between attempts.

Multi Trainer Modification of The CrossFit Total

For max total load:

  • 3-rep-max Back Squat
  • 3-rep-max Shoulder Press
  • 3-rep-max Deadlift

Three minute rests between attempts.

If you’re not ready to go full-tilt into your one-rep max — which requires a lot of lifting expertise and baseline of strength — try working up to your three-rep max. Your first two reps should be difficult but doable, while your third rep of each set should be extremely challenging. 

This is where your previous workouts with the Multi-Trainer will pay off. Return to this Total a couple of times a year to watch your numbers climb.

Multi Train for the Games

You don’t need a facility that’s outfitted like the Ranch or the Alliant Energy Center — or even a local CrossFit box — to challenge yourself like a Games athlete. 

Force USA Multi-Trainers
Force USA Multi-Trainers
Force USA Multi-Trainers

This one piece of equipment is really many, many pieces of equipment, allowing for a multitude of exercises with a relatively small footprint. 

Even if you only have the area around your Multi Trainer, that’s enough space and equipment to get you ready to tackle the same workouts as your favorite elite CrossFitters. Just a few strategic modifications and you’ll be ready to roll.