Building UFC GYM (with Adam Sedlack)

Today I’m talking to Adam Sedlack, CEO of UFC Gym. Adam has had an amazing rise through the ranks of gyms. He started as an entry-level employee at a brick and mortar gym, then became a trainer, and from there he spent years working his way to management as he learned every in and out of the gym business. Now, he’s CEO of a gym conglomerate with over 150 locations worldwide — and they’re still growing! Adam joins us to talk about how the fitness industry has changed, separating fad from lasting trend, and how people will train in the near future.

Adam Sedlack on the BarBend Podcast

In this episode of the BarBend Podcast, host David Thomas Tao talks to Adam Sedlack about:

  • Adam’s start in the fitness industry in 1994(2:03)
  • How fitness has changed in the past 25+ years (5:15)
  • What’s beautiful about fitness today (08:40)
  • “When you hear UFC Gym, what do you think it is?” (10:45)
  • Finding your “personal fight” (13:30)
  • How training like a fighter builds understand of and respect for combat sports (17:00)
  • How data privacy impacts connected fitness and gyms today (20:00)

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