Elliot Storey

Elliot Storey is an amateur strongman competitor and event promoter as well as a wife-carrying competitor and film extra (“Father of the Year”). In strongman, he has qualified for the North American championships in each year he has competed since 2006, winning New England’s Strongest Man and coming 17th at Nationals in 2007. Through the years, Elliot has won more than a dozen strongman titles in the <231lb division. While not officially certified or employed by the fitness industry, he has spent countless hours imparting strongman knowledge and training competitors. In 2014, he trained and coached Alex Gauvin to the Teen National Championship.After first signing up for the North American Wife Carrying Championship in 2012 with two weeks to prepare, Team Storey (Elliot and real-life-wife, Giana) came in 4th place behind the World Champion, Taisto Miettinen, past champion David Lacey, and future champion Jesse Wall while winning the Heavyweight title for being over 350lbs combined. Team Storey has gone on to win the 2013 and 2014 heavyweight titles, took a break in 2015 to have their fourth child, then resumed in 2016 with an overall first place finish at the North American Championships including Heavyweight, then took 4th at the 2017 World Championships in Sonkajarvi, Finland, followed by a dramatic second-place finish at the North American Championships. So far in 2018, Team Storey has finished 4th place in the Florida Wife Carrying Contest and 5th in the UK Wife Carrying Contest with hopes to repeat as champion in October at the North American Championships in Newry, Maine at Sunday River Resort.


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