Watch Brian Shaw Regret His 20,000-Calorie Taco Bell Challenge

Shaw is known for his enormous cheat meals, but he finally met his match at Taco Bell.

As a six-foot-eight, 415-ish pounds, and an athletic career that demands he function at the peak of human performance, Brian Shaw needs a lot of food. A lot of food. His always entertaining YouTube channel has chronicled a lot of the ins and outs of his calorie requirements — like how he eats six pounds of meat per day — and given his normal, regular, run-of-the-mill days require a whopping twelve thousand calories, his cheat days need to be even bigger.

People love to talk about his diet and it’s only natural that his eating challenges are among some of his most popular videos. What kind of meals are hard to eat for a guy who’s slamming twelve thousand calories a day? We’ve seen him eat a seven-pound burrito in one sitting and he’s also uploaded a video of a 10,000-calorie pizza cheat meal but today we’re showing you what is, in his own words, “the worst eating challenge that (he’s) ever taken part in.”

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We present to you: the Taco Bell challenge. Hankering for a cheat meal, he ordered every single thing on the menu — it cost $120.03 — and took it home to see if he could eat it all in one sitting. He didn’t even just get one of everything: he ordered three caramel apple empanadas, for instance, a decision he later calls “not smart.”

This is a man who never lets a meal beat him, but this one… it’s safe to say he met his match.

He gets it home at the 3.51 mark. “I’m smiling and being jovial right now, I feel like that will change as this goes on.” He was right.

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The 5.41 mark is when he gets tripped up by “some kind of weird sauce” on an unidentified chicken product that doesn’t sit well with him for the rest of the session. But there was still a lot more of the session to go. 7.26 is when he tangles with “the worst nachos (he’s) ever seen.” 10.49 is when he hits “the border of… I don’t feel good right now.”

Brian Shaw regret
The many stages of regret, featuring Brian Shaw

15.28 is where he calls it.

I can say pretty much hands down that this is the worst eating challenge that I’ve ever taken part in. It was really bad. My stomach hurts so bad. But also I can feel myself sweating. Because I’m like almost, my body is just like, “I want to get this out, I want to get this out.” I’m sweating because I’m almost trying not to throw up. I mean this is awful, guys. I don’t highly recommend this.

He finishes with a total of twenty to twenty-five thousand calories and a promise that he won’t go back to Taco Bell “maybe ever.” So we really can’t wait to see which fast food joint he hits up for his next cheat meal.

Featured image via Shaw Strength on YouTube.