Chris Spealler: What Happens Next for CrossFit, Fitness, and Gyms?

A CrossFit legend gives his perspective.

Chris Spealler is a legend in the sport of CrossFit, having multiple podium finishes at the CrossFit Games. Now largely retired from competition, he’s focused on building his coaching business and community at CrossFit Park City.

Recently, Chris has been recovering after testing positive for COVID-19 in early April 2020. Chris sits down with BarBend’s David Thomas Tao to discuss his personal recovery process, getting back to training, and how his community at CrossFit Park City has adapted to social distancing. 

Watch the full interview in the video embedded below:

Chris also talks about his involvement with local groups working to plan for gym reopenings while prioritizing member and public safety.

Topics discussed include:

  • Can CrossFitters effectively practice social distancing in a CrossFit box?
  • How does a CrossFit box differ from larger, more traditional gyms when it comes to capacity and sanitation?
  • How can we promote understanding and awareness of personal preferences regarding social distancing and fitness? (Chris gives some especially thoughtful insight here and cautions us not to assume everyone has the same preferences.)
  • Chris also shares his thoughts on any lasting impacts of the current pandemic on the fitness space, with a specific lens toward CrossFit boxes and communities.