Official Details Shared for Mayhem Madness CrossFit Competition

This event is going to be awesome and there's a FREE stream!

Earlier in May, CrossFit HQ announced that the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games would be reset and the team portion of the competition was to be cancelled.

This announcement resulted in a swift response from Rich Froning at CrossFit Mayhem with their team only event that would be held later this fall, Mayhem Madness. In the initial announcement, Froning shared that CrossFit Mayhem would host the previously qualified teams for the 2020 CrossFit Games, in addition to three other teams that would have to qualify through an online qualifier.

Yesterday, Froning officially shared details for Mayhem Madness which will be taking place this fall, check them out below.

Mayhem Madness Dates and Structure

The official dates for Mayhem Madness will be August 2nd – 9th.

From the Instagram post, it appears there will be six competition days which will manifest into two days of competition followed by one day of rest. Every two competition days, four teams will be eliminated, so the competition will start with 12 teams and finish with a final four.

The structure of the competition looks like the following:

  • August 2nd/3rd | 12 Team Competition
  • August 4th | Rest, 4 Teams to be cut
  • August 5th/6th | 8 Team Competition
  • August 7th | Rest, 4 Team to be cut
  • August 8th/9th | 4 Team Competition

The team with the lowest score at the end of the week of competition will take home the grand prize, which has yet to be released.

How to Qualify for Mayhem Madness

So you have a team and want to try to qualify? Here’s how you can!

The online qualifier is set to be hosted by Throwdowns (@thrwdwnz) and once the qualifier opens up to the public, workouts will be released on Wednesdays and results will be required to be submitted the following Monday.

Every team that is set to compete must partake in the qualifier for seeding purposes and the first workout’s date is yet to be released. There will be crash prizes for the top placing three teams from the online qualifier.

  • First Place: $3,000 USD
  • Second Place: $2,000 USD
  • Third Place: $1,000 USD

As of right now, nine teams are pre-qualified for Mayhem Madness and these are all teams that won a 2020 CrossFit Sanctionals competition.

These nine teams include:

  1. ROMWOD Meat Squad
  2. Odd Squad
  3. Team Buchers Lab
  4. Misfit P10 Performance
  5. CrossFit Mayhem Freedom
  6. The Program
  7. Team WIT
  8. Mayhem Independence
  9. Tarranis Lifetree

Can I Watch Live?

Yes! From the Instagram post, Froning states there will be a livestream, however, official dates for the stream are yet to be released. We’ll update this article and write a “how to watch” once more news is made public.

Feature image from @richfroning Instagram page.