Hadi Choopan Wins Vancover Pro Bodybuilding Competition

Choopan wins in Canada and qualifies for the Olympia.

There was a lot of buzz leading up to the Vancouver Pro about one bodybuilder in particular. Hadi Choopan is from Iran and has been unable to compete in the United States because of travel and visa restrictions.

So he competed in IFBB Pro League shows in other countries like Italy and Korea. The Korea show in particular was where the buzz really started because he gave then Olympia 212 Champion Flex Lewis some serious competition. Lewis won that show but some fans thought Choopan should’ve been given first place.

As of now he still can’t get into the United States but was able to travel to Canada and compete in his first show on North American soil. He actually opted to compete in the Open division instead of the 212 and the fans in attendance were very impressed with what they saw.

Winner – Hadi Choopan


Choopan wasn’t the biggest man onstage but his separation, fullness, and conditioning were all very impressive. Here is the biggest statement that can be made about him. In the final comparison of the Top 4, the judges sent Choopan back in line and left the other three to continue posing so they could be judged for 2nd through 4th. When a competitor gets sent back in line, it’s over.

2nd- Nathan DeAsha

DeAsha more than likely planned on being peaked for the British Grand Prix which he won a couple weeks prior to this show. He likely decided to go ahead and compete here since he was already in shape and collect a bonus win. That plan would’ve worked if not for Choopan. DeAsha looked good but wasn’t as defined as Choopan.

3rd – Lukas Osladil

Osladil had competed in Chicago last weekend and placed 4th. He had actually won this show in 2018 but wasn’t as good this year as he was then. Osladil has been working on his posing but still needs improvement. Showcasing your physique properly is a big factor in how you place in pro shows.

4th – Iain Valliere

Valliere competed in the Toronto Pro a couple months ago and almost left there with the victory. He would finish second. He was better then than now but his star is clearly still on the rise. No word yet if he will compete in any of the remaining shows to try to qualify for the Olympia.

5th – Josh Wade

This is Wade’s fifth show since May. He had placed 3rd twice this season but also had been as low as 8th. He was as lean as ever which is hard to do for that long but the muscles didn’t pop like they did in the California Pro earlier this season. Even though he hasn’t won, he has added points to the season scoring system and may qualify for the Olympia that way.

Other Notes

Zane Watson won the 212 division at this show and will move on to Las Vegas to compete for the vacant 212 Olympia title. Antawne Hamlett is victorious in the Classic Physique division with Christopher White placing second. Men’s Physique went to Canadian athlete Bhuwan Chauhan.

Anna Banks won the Figure show, Jasmine Williams was victorious in the Bikini division, and Sheikha Nguyen of Singapore took the victory in Women’s Physique.