Report: Jeff Cain, the CEO of CrossFit, Inc., Has Resigned

According to the Morning Chalk Up, CrossFit's CEO Jeff Cain's last day will be on September 1, 2019.

Jeff Cain, the CEO of CrossFit, Inc. has resigned, according to a report made first by the Morning Chalk Up. The Morning Chalk Up also noted that Cain has submitted his letter of resignation and his last day will be on September 1st, 2019.

There has been no official announcement as of yet from CrossFit HQ about Cain’s resignation, although the Morning Chalk Up stated that they held this news for more than a week waiting for an official comment to be released before publishing their report. At this time, his reason for leaving is unclear.

There has been quite a bit of noise on Reddit surrounding this announcement. A lot of people are wondering if the position will be filled, and what this means for CrossFit HQ moving forward. Two years ago, Cain took over the CEO position from CrossFit founder Greg Glassman, and one person on Reddit pointed out that Cain hadn’t even updated his LinkedIn profile with CEO of CrossFit, despite taking over in 2017.

Sports Journalist Armen Hammer shared the story and some of his thoughts on his Instagram page, and added an arrow to point out who Cain is in the photo used for the Morning Chalk Up’s story. In his Instagram photo Hammer wrote,

Jeff Cain, CEO of CrossFit, has handed in his resignation effective September 1st. News broke first on Morning Chalk Up, who have confirmed it with multiple sources.

I put an arrow on the photo so you would actually know which one he is since Jeff Cain hasn’t been a public figure in his time as CEO.

Only time will tell if CrossFit HQ will officially release an announcement or reason about Cain’s resignation. If official word is released, we’ll be updating this story to confirm the details.

Featured image from @armenhammertv Instagram page.