3 More CrossFit Regionals Athletes Test Positive for Doping

Three more CrossFit athletes have tested positive for banned substances and have been disqualified from the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games season.

CrossFit HQ announced the decision on their website, naming the athletes and the substances they took:

Gena Malkovskiy (Europe Region): Clomiphene, meldonium, and a metabolite of drostanolone

Carlos Castillo (Latin America Region, Team athlete): LGD4033

Megan Benzik (South Region) Epimentendiol, metabolites of methandienone and oxandrolone, epioxandrolone, methanol, a letrozole metabolie, and amphetamine

Benzik claimed on Instagram that she only meant to take vynase (which was prescribed) and the steroid anavar (which wasn’t) and that everything else “must have come from the anavar being contaminated.” Her full statement is below.

On May 17th, 2018 I was one of the athletes selected to be randomly drug tested before competing at the South Regional. CrossFit contacted me yesterday telling me what I tested positive for.

Of all the metabolites found, I consciously made the decision to take 2 of them…vyvanse, which was prescribed to me by a doctor, and anavar, which was not prescribed. The other metabolites found must have come from the anavar being contaminated, which is the risk I took with buying something like anavar. I take full responsibility for my decision to be on both of these drugs. Even though I was prescribed vyvanse, I knew it was not something I should have been taking while competing and I made the not so smart choice to do it anyways.
. . .
I have done a lot of reflecting and I have come to realize that the “Why” behind all of this really doesn’t matter. It will honestly just lead to pointless justifications. Bottom line is that I knew I shouldn’t have been doing it and I chose to do it anyways. I fully accept any consequences that come my way.
. . .
I would like it to be known that NO ONE knew I was taking any of these drugs. With that being said, I apologize if I let anyone down who went out of their way to support me.
. . .
“The beauty of truth; whether it’s good or bad, it is liberating.”- Paul Coelho


All three athletes have received four-year sanctions that will end on June 21, 2022.

CrossFit HQ’s statement also noted, “there are additional athletes who have been notified of a banned substance violation. Further results will be released when their appeals processes are complete.”

Watch this space.

Featured image via @megbenz210 on Instagram.