Rogue Fitness’ The Wheel Challenge Results

Blair McKay and Shayna Wirihana held their weight plates the longest to win $2,500 each.

Rogue Fitness’ “The Wheel Challenge” has come to a close. Participating athletes performed a static front hold with a weight plate for as long as possible on camera for a chance to win the grand prize of $2,500. Video submissions were sent to Rogue, and official results are in — Blair McKay and strongwoman Shayna Wirihana emerged victorious in the Men’s and Women’s divisions, respectively.

Rogue Fitness’ The Wheel Challenge Results

Male competitors held a 45-pound weight plate and female competitors held a 25-pound weight plate. Athletes were allotted 10 minutes to perform as many attempts as possible to establish the most prolonged hold.

Below are the results for the Men’s division and Women’s division and the gyms with the most members entered in the contest.

Men’s RX’d Division

  1. Blair McKay — 1:23 | $2,500, set of competition bumper plates
  2. Colten Mertens — 1:07 | $1,000
  3. Jan Welz — 1:06 | $500

Women’s RX’d Division

  1. Shayna Wirihana — 1:34 | $2,500, set of competition bumper plates
  2. Rachel Everett — 1:31 | $1,000
  3. Rebecca Roberts — 1:28 | $500

Top Gyms

  1. CrossFit For The People
  2. Linchpin
  3. Rem Fitness

CrossFit For The People won a set of competition bumper plates.


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The Wheel Challenge is not McKay’s first time on the podium of a Rogue Fitness challenge. He scored a silver finish in the Bella Complex via a 124.7-kilogram (275-pound) unbroken barbell complex of one clean, one shoulder-to-overhead, one front squat, and one shoulder-to-overhead. McKay was beaten by 2021 IWF Youth World Champion Hampton Morris‘s 145.2-kilogram (320-pound) complex. McKay edged out Mertens, who finished in 31st place at the 2021 CrossFit Games, by 16 seconds.

Wirihana of New Zealand recently tasted competition victory in the Women’s Open of the 2021 Static Monsters Worldwide contest. She scored a 115-kilogram (253.5-pound) log lift and a 270-kilogram (595.3-pound) axle deadlift for a winning total of 385 kilograms (848.9 pounds). Wirihana was not the only decorated strongwoman on The Wheel Challenge podium. Rebecca Roberts earned gold in the Women’s Open at the 2021 Official Strongman Games.

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