Meet the Athlete Behind Snatchin’ Snacks Instagram Page

If you’re plugged into the powerlifting, weightlifting, and fitness world of Instagram, then chances are you’ve seen videos lately of big named athletes lifting some of our favorite snacks. In less than two weeks, the Instagram account Snatchin’ Snacks has grown from zero to a little over 9k followers, and continues to steadily grow.

What started as CJ Cummings clean & jerking donuts, has now turned into powerlifters deadlifting smores, and Mattie Rogers…lifting candle lit cakes.

When we first stumbled upon these videos we couldn’t look away, mainly because lifting food has never looked more impressive – not to mention – the videos are very well done.

We were curious about the man behind the account, and just how long it takes to design these videos, so we reached out for an interview with Snatchin’ Snacks’s creator.

We’ve all been wondering…what’s your name? Are you a weightlifter yourself?

My name is Wes Richardson (his personal account). I’m currently a 69kg Weightlifter.

What was the inspiration behind your snatching snacks page?

It started out as sort of whimsical. CJ Cummings had just broken a youth world record in Clean & Jerk (which broke an American Senior record as well) and I had always had an idea of replacing plates on a bar with something else. What better than with food haha.

You’ve become a viral hit in the IG lifting community, I remember when the account was at 400 followers two weeks ago, what do you credit your quick following to?

Besides making epic snack videos? Honestly I did not expect it to take off the way it did. I made the first few videos and put them on my personal account for fun. I suppose once I made an Instagram account exclusively for those videos and passed it around to my weightlifting buddies it just went from there.

How do you select athletes and videos to change?

Its actually all over the place right now. I choose international lifters, some US lifters, some big names, and some I honestly did not know about who were recommended by total strangers, or friends based on their accomplishments and/or love for weightlifting.

I am trying to keep it central to weightlifting but will obviously throw in some powerlifting, bodybuilding, etc because…why not?

What’s your motivation behind the snacks you choose? Is it something you’re eating at the time?

Sometimes its based on what I’m eating….I’ve been on a huge chicken & waffles kick so that was pretty much the reason for the Colin Burns/Courtney Bachelor mashup (see below). Other times I’m given insider info on someone’s favorite snack food, or I just pick something I think is funny that plays well with funny sfx/music.

How did you acquire the skill set to make these videos?

I’m a designer working in the motion graphics industry, so I do a lot of design/animation work for commercials, networks, and film. I studied graphic design in school but started to lean towards the moving image more and more…didn’t know it would lead to tacking on slices of cake to a barbell! (laughs)

Have you had any negative feedback so far from anyone you’ve posted?

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. There has literally been one negative comment that I can think of.

What are your future plans for the page? Do you have an end game with the videos?

Right now I will just continue to create content and see where it goes!

Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they’re equipped with a love for weightlifting and a knowledgeable set of creative skills. Regardless the strength sport you prefer, there’s no denying that these videos are insanely entertaining and very well done.

Hopefully Snatchin’ Snacks continues to grow and possibly brings in more potential strength athletes to the variety of sports.

Feature image screenshot from @snatchinsnacks Instagram page.