How Fast Can Strongman Brian Shaw Eat a 7-Pound Burrito?

His Instagram may not be quite as popular as one-time World’s Strongest Man winner Hafthor Bjornsson, but four-time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw has his YouTube game on point.

His channel Shaw Strength has a solid 150,000 subscribers and he puts up new videos every week documenting the ins and outs of being an extremely large and incredibly strong person.

Training videos are cool, but one of the components of the strongman puzzle that continually blows us away is the sheer volume of food they eat, and Brian Shaw just uploaded a video of an eating challenge that we didn’t doubt he could win.

(That’s just the preview.)

At Big City Burrito in Fort Collins, Colorado, there’s a burrito called the Gut Buster. It has two tortillas, cheese, rice, beans, meat, vegetables, potato, guacamole, sour cream, and queso. It weighs seven pounds. It is usually purchased to feed a family. How did Brian Shaw fare with it? Here’s the full clip.

He ate it, Brian Shaw ate it. On the video it took about 5 minutes in fast forward, so maybe that was 10 or 15 minutes overall? It was his first cheat meal in months and in the hands of a six-foot-eight, 400-ish-pound man, it looked like a regular sized burrito.

“I’m gonna have to use a different toilet,” he concluded. “My wife is gonna get too mad. I’ve preplanned that out.”

[Learn how Brian Shaw navigates life as a giant person (like custom cutlery) in this video.]

While it’s pretty impressive as far as an individual meal goes, it’s even more amazing to watch the guy on an average grocery run. Earlier this year he showed his viewers a Costco trip where he revealed that he eats six pounds of meat every day. (He grinds the meat to make burgers so it’s not so much work to chew.)

But perhaps the most popular thing we’ve posted about the guy (besides competition results) is a full day of eating… 12,000 calories. Relive the magic below.

Brian Shaw eats a lot of food.

Featured image via @shawstrength on Instagram.

Nick English

Nick English

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