William Bonac Discusses Injuries and 2020 Plans

“The Conqueror” was dealing with nerve issues prior to the Olympia.

Mr. Olympia runner-up William Bonac was featured in a YouTube video by Muscular Development Latino that covered him making a guest posing appearance and he shared injuries that he was facing prior to the big contest in Las Vegas.

“The Conqueror” was posing for the crowd at a show in Monterrey, Mexico which was met with approval from the fans in attendance. This appearance is part of an international tour he is on for himself as well as sponsors. While the video played of Bonac posing, there was audio of him speaking to the interviewer where he shared details about the injuries he was facing while preparing for the Olympia.

“I was surprised that I managed to get 2nd place at the show. It was because two weeks prior, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t sit, I could barely do my training. Some people thought I over dieted but I didn’t over diet. I just had an injury.“

After being asked by the interviewer, Bonac confirmed that he had a hernia four weeks out prior to the show. “This one was in my back, (the pain) had spread throughout my back and to my legs. It had blocked my legs so there was no blood flowing so this one is dead. I can’t feel it.” There was no indication which leg he was referring to

In spite of his injuries which was not shared publicly prior to this video being posted, he competed at the Mr. Olympia and finished in his highest placing ever, 2nd place to eventual champion Brandon Curry. Bonac had also finished second to Curry at the Arnold Classic back in March.

He went on to say that the recovery from this injury would determine his plans for the 2020 season. He is already qualified for the Olympia thanks to his 2019 result.

“If it’s less then I will do the Arnold but if not, I will wait for the Olympia. I don’t want to take any risks, you know?”

Featured Image: Instagram/William_bonac