2019 Figure Olympia Preview

The top athletes in the division pose down for the world title.

The IFBB Pro League Figure Division began in 2003 and has been a launching pad for some major stars in fitness. It serves as a division for ladies who are bigger than those in the bikini division with a muscular look, but not as large as women’s physique or bodybuilding. Symmetry and balance are musts if you want to succeed here.

Reigning champion Cydney Gillon will look to win her 3rd straight Olympia in Las Vegas but is challenged by a former champion as well as last year’s runners-up. Here are the competitors you should watch for in this lineup.

Note: Candice Lewis-Carter, last year’s runner-up is qualified, for this show but has reportedly retired from competition, so she is not expected to compete.

Cydney Gillon

Gillon is the current champion and has won the last two Olympias. Back in March she also won the Figure International and many feel that the physique she presented in Columbus was the best she ever looked. If she brings that same look to Las Vegas or possibly be even better, the title is hers. 

Latorya Watts

Watts is also a two-time Olympia winner, having won the title in 2015 and 2016. She actually was not in the lineup in 2018 but will be this year and has her sights set on regaining it. Watts has great shoulders and arms. Her back is also a strong asset. Her issue is that she hasn’t nailed the conditioning every time. She has achieved that in the past which is why she held the title twice so she can win this show.

Nadia Wyatt

Wyatt finished third at last year’s Olympia and was second in the Figure International to Gillon. She should always be recognized as a contender but will have to have a much better upper body in the past is she hopes to make it past Watts and Gillon. The difference between them in March was obvious and that is why Gillon was victorious.

2019 Figure Olympia Competitors

Anna Banks Poland
Brittany Campbell USA
An Da Jeong South Korea
Tarryn Garlington USA
Rhea Gayle UK
Cydney Gillon USA
Nicole Zenobia Graham USA
Sandra Grajales Mexico
Karina Grau Paraguay
Ivana Ivusic USA
Chelsea Larson USA
Candice Lewis-Carter USA
Michelle Lindsay USA
Laurelle Martineau USA
Bruna Miyagui Brazil
Lola Montez Canada
Jessica Reyes Padilla Puerto Rico
Natalia Soltero Mexico
Ashley Soto USA
Carly Starling-Horrell USA
Latorya Watts USA
Nadia Wyatt USA
Bojana Vasiljevic USA
Martina Yabekova Canada

Featured Image: Instagram/vitamin_c