2019 Fitness Olympia Preview

Will history repeat itself, or will we see history made?

Out of the eight divisions that make up the IFBB Pro League, the Fitness division is by far and away the most entertaining. Aside from the look of the physiques, the athletes have to come up with a routine that is creative and showcases all of their athletic abilities. Everything from the costumes to the moves and all else in between matter when it comes to determining who wins the show.

This division does have a history of the same person winning the title every year, much like the Mr. Olympia does. Adela Garcia won the Olympia eight times, which is the most ever. Once she retired, Oksana Grishina started a four-year long that also finished with retirement in 2017. 2018 saw the crowning of a new champion in Whitney Jones but she is facing contenders that have no plans in allowing her to start stringing consecutive wins of her own.

Those of you that follow this division closely may notice the names Myriam Capes and Bethany Wagner is not on this list. She is qualified to compete but announced in July that she is taking a break from competition so she is not expected to be in the lineup. Wagner won’t be competing due to pregnancy.


Athletes to Watch

Whitney Jones

The 2018 champion won both the Arnold and Olympia after facing knee surgery and a long rehab. The feat was quite remarkable. Unfortunately for her, she was upset at the Arnold Classic’s Fitness International by Ryall Graber back in March. Graber took the win in Columbus by putting on a superior routine in the finals. If Jones wants to repeat, she has to win both rounds convincingly.

Ryall Graber

Graber is very athletic and presents herself onstage well both when showing the physique and when going from one move to the next during her routine. Aside from upsetting Jones at the Arnold, Graber finished second to her at the Olympia last year. So she is the solid #1 contender. Her routine has to be her best ever and with no mistakes or Jones will hold her off and win a second title.

Missy Truscott (Farrell)

This lady has won three pro shows and was 4th in the Olympia last year. Her physique is solid and carries a lot of muscle. She has been prepping even while she recently got married. She should be considered a contender anyway but with Capes and Wagner out of the lineup, her chances of success are greater. If Jones and Graber are off in either round, she can and likely will capitalize.

2019 Fitness Olympia Competitors

Marta Aguiar Uruguay
Jaclyn Baker USA
Jodi Boam Canada
Darrian Borello USA
Tiffany Chandler USA
Kate Errington UK
Missy Truscott (Farrell) USA
Ryall Graber Canada
Whitney Jones USA
Sara Kovach USA
Minna Pajulahti Finland
Liudmila Somkina Russia
Jeanine Taddeo USA
Tamara Vahn Canada
Bethany Wagner USA
Jennifer Worth USA

Featured Image: Instagram/whitneyjones_ifbbpro