2019 Women’s Physique Olympia Preview

The best of the best compete for the biggest title of all.

The mission and purpose of the Women’s Physique division is to showcase well-developed muscular physiques that have the lines and appeal of women’s bodybuilding during the early days of the Olympia, where champions like Rachel McLish and Cory Everson were at the top of the sport.

The Women’s Physique division made its debut at the Olympia Weekend in 2013 with Dana Linn Bailey securing the inaugural championship. Over the course of the next four years, Juliana Malacarne dominated the division and is considered the top competitor in its short history.


2018 saw the rise of Shanique Grant as she claimed the Olympia title in dominating fashion. This year looks to be a two-person showdown in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are the competitors you can expect to be in the final comparisons this weekend at the Orleans Arena.

Shanique Grant

Grant has an X-frame look that has been unmatched. She was by far the superior athlete last year and has taken a full year off from competition to prepare. So she is rested, been training hard, and plans on looking even better. If she does what she needs to do, no one is beating her.

Natalia Coelho

Coelho is last year’s runner-up as well as the 2019 Women’s Physique International champion. She dominated the stage at that show like Grant did last year’s Olympia but Grant was not in Columbus. Coelho has definitely improved but she still needs Grant to be off if she hopes to shock the division and claim the victory.

Daniely Castilho

Castilho finished 3rd at the 2018 Olympia and took the year off since she was automatically qualified for this year’s contest. She brought a slimmer look to the stage with great conditioning in the past but will need more muscle since Grant and Coelho will both likely be a little bigger.

2019 Women’s Physique Olympia Competitors

Natalia Abraham Coelho USA
Tomefafa Ameko USA
MayLa Ash USA
Sheila Bleck USA
Reshanna Boswell USA
Daniely Castilho Brazil
Laura Pintado Chinchilla Spain
Jeannie Feldman USA
Heather Grace USA
Shanique Grant USA
Delane Hart USA
Laura Hays USA
Valentina Mishina Russia
Ann-Lorraine Mohn France
Sheikha Nguyen Singapore
Ivie Rhein USA
Jennifer Taylor USA
Sarah Villegas USA
Brittany Watts USA
Margita Zamolova Czech Republic

Featured Image: Instagram/therealfitnessbeauty