Andrea Presti Wins 2021 Mr. Big Evolution Bodybuilding Show

The Italian bodybuilder is now qualified for the Mr. Olympia.

As each week passes, bodybuilding fans get closer and closer to the 2021 Olympia. This year’s big event is set to take place Oct. 7-10 in Orlando, FL. Before the ultimate championships of bodybuilding and physique sports, there are still shows that athletes are entering to qualify for the O. 

The most recent contest took place on the weekend of July 16-18, 2021. The Mr. Big Evolution show was held in Estoril, Portugal. The main event of this show was the Men’s Open. Many of the big names in this division are either already qualified for the Olympia, or they are waiting for other shows. Nonetheless, some very good bodybuilders were at this contest, and here is how the final results played out.

  1. Andrea Presti
  2. Tim Budesheim
  3. William Martins
  4. Vladyslav Sukhorochko
  5. Theo Leguerrier
  6. Krystian Wolski
  7. Andrea Muzi 
  8. Alfred Vlad Chiriac
  9. Khaled Alkazem
  10. Anton Shal

Winner — Andrea Presti

This was Presti’s first professional victory, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. He had competed this season already but had not yet earned enough points in the Olympia Qualifying System to stamp his ticket to the big show in Orlando.  He was the clear choice of the judges in both Prejudging and Finals comparisons.


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The individual routines in the Finals were actually canceled due to time restraints. This was clearly the best Presti had looked in his pro career. Now he has to top this package if he wants to stand out on the Olympia stage.

Second Place — Tim Budesheim

The German bodybuilder hadn’t been seen onstage since 2019, but his first appearance in two years was certainly a good one for him. This is the second time he placed as high as second in a pro show. The other was the 2019 California Pro, which was won by Patrick Moore.

Unfortunately for Budesheim, there aren’t enough shows for him to earn the points necessary to qualify for the Olympia. He will need to do one of the remaining shows and win if he hopes to compete alongside the likes of Mr. Olympia winners Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay and Brandon Curry.

Third Place — William Martins

This contest took place on the weekend of Martins’ birthday, and a top-three finish at a pro show is quite the gift. Martins stated on social media that he was happy with his look at this contest. He certainly held his own with size and detail, but the judges had him solidly in third place for both rounds here.

Other Mr. Big Evolution Show Winners

In all, there were competitions held for 10 divisions at this show. Each of the winners below has earned a ticket to compete in their respective contests at the Olympia.


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  • 212 Pound Division — Lucas Coelho
  • Classic Physique — Jose Bueriberi
  • Men’s Physique — Felipe Franco
  • Women’s Bodybuilding — Anastasia Leonova
  • Women’s Physique — Daniely Castilho
  • Fitness — Minna Pajulhati
  • Figure — Rhea Gayle
  • Bikini — Kristina Brunauer
  • Wellness — Juliana Esteso

Remaining Schedule Before the Olympia

There are now only five opportunities left for competitors to qualify for this year’s Mr. Olympia.

  • Chicago Pro — July 23-24, Atlanta, GA (Moved Due to COVID-19 Regulations)
  • Tampa Pro — August 6-7, Tampa, FL
  • Texas Pro — August 13-14, Irving, TX
  • Europa Pro — August 15, Spain (City not Announced as of this writing)
  • Arnold Classic — Sept. 25, Columbus, OH

The Arnold Sports Festival, Olympia promoters, and IFBB Pro League officials announced on July 14, 2021, that the Men’s Open winner of Arnold Classic, scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021, will receive a qualification to this year’s Mr. Olympia if they don’t already have one. 

Featured Image: @andrea.presti_ifbbpro on Instagram