2021 Toronto Pro Bodybuilding Show — Complete Rosters and Men’s Open Preview

The final men’s open bodybuilding show of 2021 takes place in the Great White North. 

The 2021 Toronto Pro is scheduled to take place on Sunday, Dec. 5, 2021, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Competitors from 10 professional divisions of the IFBB Pro League will posedown with hopes of winning 2022 Olympia qualifications and first place trophies.

The main event will be the men’s Open, and this is the final show for that division in 2021. There are nine men in this lineup, and it could be a sneak peek at the stars of the future. The athletes that will face the judges in Canada are listed in alphabetical order below.

Men’s Open Roster

  1. Khaled Al Kazem
  2. Victor Joel Rea Cano
  3. Quinton Eriya
  4. Eiren Gauley
  5. Hassan Jama
  6. Stan de Longeaux
  7. Carlos Longoria
  8. Joseph Seeman
  9. Joel Thomas

Men’s Open Favorites to Watch

Of the nine men competing, here are three that stand out as potential front-runners. 

Stan de Longeaux

“Stanimal” is a former Classic Physique competitor that has moved up to the Open in 2019. He’s competed in two shows as a part of his current division. He placed sixth at the 2019 Yamamoto Cup, and he placed 7th at the 2021 Legion Sports Fest. He reported on Instagram that he will be five to 10 pounds heavier in Toronto.


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de Longeaux has a great lower body, and his back looks detailed. He’s dedicated his performance at this contest to the memory of the late Shawn Rhoden.

Joel Thomas

Thomas’ only appearance in 2021 was at the Tampa Pro, where he placed seventh. He had great symmetry in that contest, but he appeared to be holding water, which affected his definition. He is looking for his first pro win as well as his first trip to the Olympia, and this may be his best chance. His best body part could be his arms. His biceps have great peaks, and his triceps are very dense.

Quinton Eriya

At 6’1”, Eriya will be one of the tallest men in the show. He placed fifth in this contest two years ago. He was fifth at the 2021 Romania Muscle Fest Pro, and that look was considered among his best to date. He has nice proportions and a small waist. His smaller joints make him look even better. He displays great separation in his lower body, which could be his ticket to victory.

Other Divisions’ Lineups

Three other men’s divisions and all six women’s divisions will be featured at the Toronto Pro. According to the Olympia Qualifying Series, non-winners will earn Tier 2 points, which can really affect the leaderboards by the end of the weekend. 

  • Second Place — 8 points
  • Third Place — 7 points
  • Fourth Place — 6 points
  • Fifth Place — 5 points


  1. Peter Boncardo
  2. Douglas Connor
  3. Murat Gonul
  4. David Henry
  5. Bola Ojex
  6. Adolphus Quoida
  7. Luis Santa

Classic Physique

  1. Erik Alstrup
  2. Tony Coke
  3. Blake Course
  4. Richard Gayle
  5. Ramone Haye
  6. Duqann Hinton
  7. Romain Ramassamy
  8. Christopher White
  9. Soo Min Yoon

Men’s Physique

  1. Ikenna Amaliri
  2. Manny Andara
  3. Anton Antipov
  4. Jason Baker
  5. Brenden Cowan
  6. Youcef Djoudi
  7. Evan Kanu
  8. Adon Marcus
  9. Davide Mazzolari
  10. Charles Paquette
  11. Sharif Reid
  12. Jerome Shanklin
  13. AJ Shukoori
  14. Jian Song
  15. Ron Syllion

Women’s Bodybuilding

  1. MayLa Ash
  2. Tananarive Huie
  3. Michelle Jin
  4. Lisa Kudrey

Women’s Physique

  1. Orlandina Balan
  2. Cristina Chatti
  3. Stephanie Fredrickson
  4. Even Gagnon
  5. Evangelina Guzman
  6. Deborah Marcy
  7. Lauren Martin-Stow
  8. Lisa McLean
  9. Maria Redman
  10. Ivie Rhein
  11. Alexis Sullivan
  12. Nathalee Thompson


  1. Michelle Blondin
  2. Abby Bolton
  3. Maria Laura Cerbelli
  4. Danielle DaCosta
  5. Andrea Glass
  6. Carina Harkelorad
  7. Terra Plum


  1. Katerina Aninao
  2. Maryam Bamdad
  3. Amanda Elliot
  4. Her Eun
  5. Azaria Glaim
  6. Khadijah Khan
  7. Rachel Killam
  8. Tereza Linhartova
  9. Angelita Lopez
  10. Valerie Ratelle
  11. Jennifer Reece
  12. Karen Reyes Reyes
  13. Asmaa Salimi
  14. Roberta Visintainer
  15. Amanda Welch
  16. Martina Yabekova


  1. Diane Brunet
  2. Shenese Case
  3. Melanie Cyr
  4. Adair Libbrecht
  5. Danielle Phelps
  6. Julia Schroeder
  7. Laura Ziv


  1. Brooke Donnelly
  2. Kassandra Gillis
  3. Celeste Morales
  4. Nadica Robichaux

Featured Image: @stanimal9 and maylaash on Instagram