2022 Europa Pro Bodybuilding Show Preview

Fourteen Men's Open competitors will vie for an invite to the 2022 Olympia.

The 2022 Europa Pro bodybuilding show is scheduled to take place on Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022, in Alicante, Spain. This is the second to last weekend for the Men’s Open athletes to earn a qualification for the 2022 Olympia, which will take place Dec. 16-18 in Las Vegas, NV.

Ten pro divisions will have contests in Alicante, including the Men’s Open, which has 14 competitors. They are listed below in alphabetical order:

2022 Europa Pro — Men’s Open Roster

  • Jaime Atienza
  • Kokeny Bela
  • Lewis Breed
  • Rob Cannon
  • Vlad Alfred Chiriac
  • Mohamed Hassan
  • Enrico Hoffmann
  • Dani Kaganovich
  • Theo Leguerrier
  • Gianluca Di Lorenzo
  • Pablo Llopis Munoz
  • Cem Nazim
  • Cristian Pancorbo
  • Jorge Abraham Trejo Reyes

Below are a trio of athletes to keep an eye on as likely favorites to take home the 2022 Europa Pro title.

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Theo Leguerrier

Leguerrier came on the scene in 2021 and was in the mix for several shows this season, including two second-place finishes in Toronto and Puerto Rico. If he wants to qualify for the Olympia, he’s pretty much in a win-or-go-home situation. That said, he will bring a lot of mass to the stage, and he’s gradually improved over the last two seasons. A win is a very real possibility.

Enrico Hoffman

Hoffman placed fourth in the Tsunami Nutrition Cup Pro in October, which was won by James Hollingshead. Hoffman was one of the surprises of that contest, as no one expected him to be in the first or final callouts. That won’t be the case here. The field and judges see him coming, and the latter, in particular, will have their eyes on him to see what improvements he has made since that show in Italy.

Dani Kaganovich 

Kaganovich hasn’t been on a stage since the 2021 Big Man Weekend Pro show, where he placed third to champion Angel Calderon. Kaganovich wasn’t the biggest man in that lineup, but he appeared well-defined from top to bottom and posed well. Part of bodybuilding is knowing how to show your strengths while hiding weaknesses. If he took advantage of his year-long off-season to add some size to go with his conditioning and shape, he can be in the mix for a win.

Other Divisions

The only pro division not represented in Spain is Men’s Wheelchair. Across all 10 divisions at this show, over 130 pro bodybuilders and physique athletes will compete. The rosters for the other nine divisions are listed below as they were presented on the IFBB Pro League website as of Nov. 2, 2022:

212 Bodybuilding

  • Jean Carlos Jesus Guerrero Alfonzo
  • Muneer AlJassas
  • Abdullrahman Alkhashti
  • Pasquale D’Angelo
  • Radoslav Angelov
  • Steve Benthin
  • Dobromir Delev
  • Vladimir Iacovlev
  • Babacar Niang
  • Daniel Sticco
  • Tomas Tabaciar
  • Jorge Zamorano
  • Mihoubi Zohir

Classic Physique

  • George Acheampong
  • Woilid Baatout
  • Ross Caesar
  • Alex Connors
  • Luca Corrado
  • Petar Duper
  • Andrew Fisher
  • Siem Goossens
  • Kelvin Hinde
  • Fabio Lopes
  • Esteban Smith
  • Mikhail Timoshin
  • Tautvydas Tumbrotas
  • Jaime Vergara

Men’s Physique

  • Adeyemi Awoyemi
  • Omer Bahmed
  • Dimitri Desheraud
  • Jean Desulme
  • Isaac Francis
  • Febo Gambacorta
  • Marcos Iglesias Garcia
  • Tobias Abdoul Hamid
  • Tunde Hassan
  • Burak King
  • Daniel Leone
  • Ferran Minana
  • Andrea Mosti
  • Toby Owen
  • Manuel Santalucia

Women’s Bodybuilding

  • Stephanie Flesher
  • Tiana Flex
  • Yesenia Garcia
  • Cristina Arellano Goy
  • Vanesa Lloria
  • Claudia Mocciaro
  • Sonia Cabre Pasano
  • Alcione Santos
  • Yesenia Garcia Speck

Women’s Physique

  • Birgit Andersch
  • Amy Chester
  • Larissa Araujo de Lima Coelho
  • Fay Simone Ellis
  • Karina Goncalves
  • Modesta Halby
  • Stine Hansen
  • Nadia Henriquez
  • Silvana Imbrogno
  • Jeanette Johansson
  • Yuna Kim
  • Sophie Leo
  • Manuella Monteiro
  • Mariana Guayara Murcia
  • Laura Pintado
  • Laura Pyszora
  • Raducu Raluca
  • Caroline Alves Dos Santos
  • Marina Schermer
  • Vanessa Schnwrpfeil
  • Angela Winkelmann


  • Corinne Elizabeth Bean
  • Martina Bianchini
  • Amy Hamilton
  • Michaela Pavleova
  • Nikolett Szabo


  • Behnaz Nasrollahi Azar
  • Rosa Simba Cassanga
  • Lucie Favrelle
  • Rejoice Godwin
  • Julia Heerenveen
  • Scarlet Hollands
  • Nathalie M. Jensen
  • Gabriela Linhartova
  • Dorota Ogonowska
  • Adela Ondrejovicova
  • Hannah Prause
  • Paula Ranta
  • Mar Vilchez Rodriguez
  • Silva Pompeu Tamires
  • Asrun Osp Vilmundardottir
  • Amanda Winston


  • Giulia Ballariano
  • Irene Iravedra Cunarro
  • Ivanna Escandar
  • Jessica Feeney
  • Shaneeka Harmonson
  • Klaudia Ignasiak
  • Zsofia Rexa Molnar
  • Sarah Neuheisel
  • Eszter Oczella
  • Mie Kirstine Rommelhoff
  • Giuditta Taccani
  • Allison Testu


  • Dainora Dvarionaite
  • Aline Machado Galvao Freitas
  • Houda Hmini
  • Jessica Eurenius Lopez
  • Liliana Velez Marin
  • Carina Marques
  • Lidia Melero
  • Pernille Mindahl
  • Rosa Benadero Munoz
  • Natasha Novak
  • Maria Paulette
  • Oana Maria Purcaru
  • Figen Sahin
  • Clara Sella
  • Lisa Steele
  • Lara Tasharofi

Olympia Qualification System

This contest will offer Tier 4 points towards the Olympia Qualification System for the second through fifth-place finishers. Those points can be valuable at this stage of the season because the cutoff date is Nov. 20, 2022. The top three finishers in each division will also be invited to compete in Las Vegas. The points for each placing are as follows:

  • Second Place — four points
  • Third Place — three points
  • Fourth Place — two points
  • Fifth Place — one point

Featured Image: @theoleguerrier on Instagram