Tobias Lautwein and Mirjam Von Rohr Win 2022 HYROX European Championships

The 2022 HYROX European championships took place on March 26, 2022, in Maastricht, Netherlands.

The 2022 HYROX European Championships saw Tobias Lautwein and Mirjam Von Rohr emerge victoriously in the Elite Men’s and Elite Women’s divisions, respectively. On March 26, 2022, the contest occurred at the Mecc North Hall in Maastricht, Netherlands, and featured 16 events.

2022 HYROX European Championships Results

Both Elite divisions’ contests included a pair of 1000-meter ski ergs, four 25-meter sled pushes, four 25-meter sled pulls, 160 meters of burpee broad jumps, 2000 meters of rowing,  400 total meters of farmer’s carries, 200 total meters of sandbag lunges, and wall balls, with a one-kilometer run between each workout — a total of eight kilometers. Below are the final results with each athlete’s total workout time:

Elite Men’s Division

  1. Tobias Lautwein (GER) — 56:52
  2. Dominic Molzahn (GER) — 59:16
  3. Alexander Roncevic (AUT) — 59:33
  4. Tomáš Tvrdík (CZE) — 59:50
  5. Peter Schiller (GER) — 59:56
  6. Dieter Schwarzkopf (GER) — 1:00:08
  7. Martin Michelius (GER) — 1:00:21
  8. Joffrey Voisin (FRA) — 1:00:36
  9. Patrick Grewe (GER) — 1:01:25
  10. Elte Hupkes (GER) — 1:01:47

Elite Women’s Division

  1. Mirjam Von Rohr (SUI) — 1:04:20
  2. Viola Overländer (GER) — 1:05:10
  3. Rebecca Naether (NED) — 1:05:16
  4. Sarah Kholti (GER) — 1:06:07
  5. Terra Jackson (USA) — 1:06:49
  6. Jezabel Kremer (FRA) — 1:07:21
  7. Beatrice Ardelt (GER) — 1:10:41
  8. Janne Thomsen (GER) — 1:10:54
  9. Caroline Müller-Korn (GER) — 1:11:14
  10. Sabrina Röthig (GER) — 1:11:32

The top of the leaderboard in Maastricht was a showcase for Germany. Seven of the top 10 Elite Men and six of the top 10 Elite Women represented Germany. Between the top 10’s of both divisions, only France was represented by more than one athlete (one in each top 10). Naether’s third-place finish among Elite Women was the lone podium finish for an athlete competing on home turf.


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Lautwein and Von Rohr’s wins in Maastricht launched them to the top of the overall leaderboard in their respective divisions. Overländer sits right behind Von Rohr and one rank ahead of USA’s Lauren Weeks in third place. Ryan Kent is ranked second behind Lautwein, with Tim Wenisch of Germany in third overall.

Lautwein and Weeks are the reigning 2021 HYROX World Champions. They will attempt to defend their titles in Las Vegas, NV, on May 14th at the 2022 HYROX World Championships.

Featured image: @hyroxworld on Instagram