2023 DC Bodybuilding Pro Show Preview

The Men's Physique and Bikini divisions will each send another bodybuilder to the 2023 Olympia

The 2023 DC Pro is scheduled to be held on Saturday, June 10, 2023, in Alexandria, VA. IFBB Pro League Men’s Physique and Bikini athletes will compete in the shadows of the US capital city for qualifications to the 2023 Olympia weekend in Orlando, FL, on the weekend of Nov. 2-5, 2023.

2023 DC Pro Show Rosters

Four countries will be represented across both divisions. The rosters are listed below, with names in alphabetical order:

Men’s Physique

  • Raymond Akinlosotu (USA)
  • Darius Brooks (USA)
  • Steven Cao (USA)
  • Vitor Chaves (Brazil)
  • Victor Manuel Ramirez Chavez (Costa Rica)
  • Jordan Clark (USA)
  • Stevelon Dennis (USA)
  • Juan Manuel Gochez (USA)
  • Charjo Grant (USA)
  • Mark A. Lancaster (USA)
  • Lamar S. McNeal Smith (USA)
  • John Stanley Sarmiento (USA)
  • Micah A. Thomas Jr. (USA)
  • Franklin Turner (USA)
  • Roy Williams (USA)
  • Miguel Angel Zapata (USA)


  • Maria Acosta (USA)
  • Lesley Billups (USA)
  • Kendall Call (USA)
  • Christina Friscia (USA)
  • Tara Grier (USA)
  • Racquel Hutchinson (Canada)
  • Adair Libbrecht (Canada)
  • Monica Lopez (USA)
  • Jessica Miller (USA)
  • Gavi Soni (USA)
  • Leah Walter (USA)
  • Jessica Wilson (USA)
  • Marisa Woo (USA)

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Men’s Physique Athletes to Watch

There are several standouts in the Men’s Physique division that are likely to be in the judges sights for first callouts.

Charjo Grant

Charjo Grant knows this competition well because he won it in 2021. He made a big name for himself in 2022 by placing fourth at the Men’s Physique Olympia. However, that was one spot short of qualifying for the 2023 contest.

Grant needs to win a pro show to earn a ticket to Orlando. He was eighth in the 2023 New York Pro and fourth at the 2023 Palmetto Classic Pro. He has plenty of time to qualify for the Olympia, but the sooner he does, the more time he will have to prepare for the Olympia.

Vitor Chaves

Like Grant, Chaves has come up short thus far of securing a 2023 Olympia qualification. He was the runner-up in the 2023 New York Pro and the 2023 Miami Muscle Beach Pro.

The rematch between Chaves and Grant should be a good one. Chaves placed higher than Grant in New York.


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Steven Cao

This will be Cao’s 2023 season debut. He was the 2022 Mile High Pro winner, which led to his second career Olympia appearance. Cao placed outside the top 15 at the 2022 Olympia.

Bikini Athletes to Watch

Likewise, in the Bikini division, the roster is deep, but there are some likely standouts who will challenge each other in first callouts.

Tara Grier

Grier has competed twice in the Bikini division this season, placing in the top four of both shows. She was the bronze medalist at the 2022 California Night of Champions Pro and fourth in the 2023 Nevada State Pro.

Grier has been a pro since 2018 but has yet to win a pro show. If she wins in DC, the qualification will secure her Olympia debut.


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Racquel Hutchinson

Hutchinson of Canadia turned pro in Vancouver in 2022. She has competed in two pro shows during her rookie campaign: fourth place overall at the Optimum Classic Pro and sixth overall in the Toronto Pro Supershow.

Even though Hutchinson doesn’t leave with the gold in DC, the potential to stand atop a podium to qualify for the 2023 Olympia remains in the cards for her.

Jessica Wilson

Wilson has competed four times in 2023. Her highest placing was a runner-up finish at both the 2023 Wasatch Warrior Pro and 2023 Nevada State Pro.


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Wilson has competed on the Olympia stage twice. Her highest ranking was 11th in 2021. Considering her last pro show win was the 2022 Chicago Pro, she is certainly capable of winning gold in DC.

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