Brenda Farias Wins 2023 Musclecontest Campinas Bikini Pro Bodybuilding Show

Farias earned her qualification to the 2023 Bikini Olympia in Orlando, FL.

IFBB Pro League Bikini competitor Brenda Farias has won the 2023 Musclecontest Campinas Pro. The contest was held on Saturday, March 18, 2023, in Campinas, Brazil.

This victory grants Farias her first Bikini Olympia qualification. All 13 athletes who graced the stage represented Brazil. The top 10 finishers are listed below:

2023 Musclecontest Campinas Results — Bikini Division

  1. Brenda Farias
  2. Gessica Brun
  3. Mirian Barbosa
  4. Anna Paula Baggio
  5. Priscilla Rodrigues
  6. Luciana de Souza Santos
  7. Mariana Tibiriçá Menezes
  8. Tais Silva
  9. Greice Fornazin
  10. Silvana Tagliati

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Winner — Brenda Farias

The contest featured pre-judging and finals rounds, with head judge Tamer El Guindy. Farias won the contest with perfect scores in both rounds. Farias will make her Bikini Olympia debut in 2023 if she chooses to compete in Orlando, FL, on the weekend of Nov. 2-5, 2023.

Based on videos Farias shared of the contest, she had confidence from the moment she took the stage. Maintaining a strong presence, even when she wasn’t in the callouts, helped cement her victory.

Second Place — Gessica Brun

This show kicked off Brun’s fourth professional season. This was the third time she had placed second in a pro show. The judges had her solidly in second place in both rounds.

The last time the 2019 Arnold South America amateur winner placed this high as a professional was the 2022 Sur Cup Pro. She was third in the Musclecontest Campinas contest in 2022. As of this writing, there is no official word on if Brun will compete again this year or which show she will enter if she does.

Third Place — Mirian Barbosa

This is Barbosa’s third time competing in this contest and her highest finish yet. She was fourth in 2021 and sixth in 2022. According to NPC News Online, she has never competed outside of Brazil. So, if she wants to compete in Brazil again in 2023, she will have to wait until the Musclecontest Foz Do Iguacu Pro, scheduled for the weekend of Aug. 5, 2023.

Unlike years past, athletes must now win a contest to qualify for the Olympia. The next Bikini division contest on the 2023 schedule is the Klash Series Championship, scheduled for Saturday, March 25, in Orlando, FL.

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