2023 Sampson Showdown Pro Wellness Show Preview

Five Wellness athletes will face the judges in Las Vegas, NV.

Saturday, March 25, 2023, is a busy day for the IFBB Pro League because there are three shows taking place. The 2023 Klash Series Championship will be held in Orlando, FL, along with two pro Wellness shows in Brazil and Nevada. The 2023 Musclecontest Rio Pro is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the 2023 Sampson Showdown Pro is in Las Vegas, NV.

All three shows grant 2023 Olympia qualifications to their respective winners, as do all shows on the 2023 schedule leading up to the 2023 Olympia in Orlando, FL, on Nov. 2-5, 2023. The Sampson Showdown Pro will feature five Wellness pros in search of that victory and qualification. The roster is below:

2023 Sampson Showdown Pro Roster | Wellness Division

  • Alexis Adams
  • Tina Breshears
  • Haley Johnson
  • Tammy Sievers
  • Elizabeth Williams

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Alexis Adams

Adams is the 2022 NPC Junior Nationals Wellness winner, and has only competed once as a pro. She was third at the 2022 Tampa Pro. This will be her first full season in the pro ranks, and this show is her season debut. Winning in Orlando would give her over seven months to prepare for the 202023 Olympia should she choose to not compete again before then.

Tina Breshears

California native Tine Breshears is a Masters competitor competing in the the Over 35 and Open contests in Orlando. Breshears turned pro in 2016 but has yet to win a contest in either category. She was a Bikini competitor before making the jump to Wellness in 2021.

Haley Johnson

Like Adams, Johnson turned pro in 2022. Johnson was the Wellness winner of the NPC Junior USA contest. She made her pro debut in the 2022 Texas Pro, where she finished seventh overall. This will be her debut contest of the 2023 season.

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Tammy Sievers

Sievers will join Breshears in the Masters and Open shows in Orlando with hopes of scoring her first victory in either category. She became an IFBB Pro via her win at the the 2021 NPC Masters USA competition. Counting amateur and pro shows, Sievers has six years of onstage experience.

Elizabeth Williams

This is Williams’ pro debut. Her amateur career concluded with a runner-up finish at the 2021 NPC Teen, Collegiate, and Masters National Championships. She took the 2022 season off. Even though she qualified as a Masters athlete, she is only scheduled to compete in the Open category in Orlando.

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