2024 HYROX Rimini Results — Viola Oberländer and Beau Wills Win

The 2024 HYROX season opened in Italy.

The 2023 HYROX season wrapped up with the 2023 World Championships in Manchester, UK, on May 26, 2023. The first race of the 2023/2024 HYROX season took place on June 3, 2023, in Rimini, Italy.

Viola Oberländer from Germany scored the win for the Women’s division. Camilla Massa of the USA finished in second after competing in the age group category at the 2023 World Championships. 

The Men’s division saw familiar faces on the podium. Beau Wills of Australia took the win, with UK’s Joe Bingham in second and Ivan Pranjic of Austria in third. Below are the full results:

Rimini Elite Men’s Division Results

  1. Beau Wills (AUS) — 01:02:11
  2. Joe Bingham (GBR) — 01:04:36
  3. Ivan Pranjic (AUT) — 01:07:12
  4. Eugenio Bianchi (ITA) — 01:07:22
  5. Giuseppe Spreadfico (ITA) — 01:08:08
  6. Alessandro Lacobucci (ITA) — 01:12:53
  7. Matteo Quadrella (ITA) — 01:13:35
  8. Giovanni Benzon (ITA) — 01:13:38
  9. Joseph Carpenter (ITA) — 01:14:26
  10. Luca Lorenzoni (USA) — 01:15:58
  11. Trevor TerHaar (USA) — 01:16:09
  12. Samuel Rousseau (FRA) — 01:18:24

Rimini Elite Women’s Division Results

  1. Viola Oberländer (GER) — 01:06:11
  2. Camilla Massa (USA) — 01:09:00
  3. Aleksandra Vargin (GBR) — 01:15:27
  4. Ilaria Rosa (ITA) — 01:17:27
  5. Emma Grech (MLT)—  01:18:14
  6. Viktoija Jerimova (LTU)— 01:18:56
  7. Jennifer Janzer (GER) — 01:19:36
  8. Valeria Adige (ITA) — 01:23:25
  9. Lydia Borgsteijn (IRL) — 01:25:01
  10. Sarah Stöck (GER) — 01:31:28
  11. Valeria Tagliabue (ITA) — 01:31:50
  12. Elena Colabianchi (ITA) — 1:32:53

Since this race took place the weekend after the 2023 World Championship, only 17 female athletes competed in this event. The men had a turnout of over 60 athletes.


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2023 HYROX Rimini Recap

Below are the highlights from the two contested divisions in Rimini:

Men’s Race

HYROX is a unique sport in that one does not need to do everything right to win if the timing is precise. Looking at the split breakdown in Rimini, Beau Wills did not have the fastest run and scored the fastest time on only one station: the farmer’s carry. However, he saved more time than others in all the right places to secure the win. 

The time between positions on the men’s race podium was not close. There was more than a two-minute gap between first and second and more than three minutes between second and third place. However, fourth place was only 10 seconds off the podium, and fifth place was less than one minute off of fourth.


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Women’s Race

There was a nearly three-minute gap between first and second place in the women’s race. Massa safely secured second place with over six minutes between her and third-place Vargin. While we saw large gaps in the top three positions, fourth through seventh were much closer.

Oberländer had an impressive performance, with the fastest time at four out of eight stations. She also scored the fastest run lap in the women’s race. Massa had the fastest time at three of the stations. None of the women on the podium had the overall fastest run time.

Looking Ahead

There are new rules for qualifying for events throughout the 2023/2024 HYROX season, but they have not been officially released at the time of this article’s publication. New race dates and locations are expected to be released in June. HYROX returns to the USA for the first double race weekend on American soil at HYROX New York, on June 10-11, 2023.

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