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Martins Licis

Martins Licis and Mitchell Hooper Study Technique at Squat University

Even the most elite strongman athletes still train in the gym to improve their form. 2019 World's Strongest Man (WSM) champion Martins Licis and 2022 Arnold Strongman UK champion Mitchell Hooper agree that there is constant space to improve lifting technique. On Jan. 20, 2023, the strongman duo headed to...

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Anderson Squat – How It Benefits Your Training

Anderson Squat – How It Benefits Your Training

Squatting strength and performance is arguably one of the most vital attributes for strength, power, and functional fitness athletes. Often, athletes may find themselves and their squat performance becoming stagnant. Enter, the Anderson Squat. This squatting variation is a highly...

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Strongman Basics

What Is Strongman?

Strongman is a weight-classed strength sport. In competitive strongman and strongwoman, an athlete’s success is based on their ability to conquer a multitude of events. Unlike the other strength sports, strongman/strongwoman athletes have to incredibly rounded in every aspect, as opposed to only training a few lifts. Check out a few of the more well-known events below.

  • Log Press
  • Atlas Stones
  • Weighted Carries
  • Squats
  • Truck Pulls
  • Deadlift

These are only a few of the events you could see at any given strongman contest. To be successful in strongman and strongwoman, you have to be adaptive and excel in pull, carry, press, and squat focused events. 

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Mitchell Hooper

Mitchell Hooper Teaches Atlas Stone Technique

The 2023 Australia's Strongest International (ASI) contest is set for Jan. 21, 2023. Among the 12 strongmen competing in Yapeen, Australia, is the 2022 Arnold Strongman Classic UK champion, Mitchell Hooper: 2023 Australia's Strongest International Roster Jordan Osborne (Australia) Sean Gillen (Australia)...

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