From Rookie to 5th Fittest Woman on Earth (with Alex Gazan)

Today I’m talking to CrossFit Games athlete Alex Gazan. She’s the fifth Fittest Woman on Earth, and still in her early 20s, she made her rookie debut at the CrossFit Games. She improved massively in 2023, and we talk about what it took to get to that next level. I do want to point out that we recorded this episodes while she was still in final prep, so before this year’s CrossFit Games, so it’s a good look at her mindset and training approach leading up to the season’s biggest competition. We also talk about her lacrosse career and how Alex went viral for a 270 pound bench press.

Alex Gazan BarBend Podcast

In this episode of the BarBend Podcast, host David Thomas Tao talks to Alex Gazan about:

  • “When I’m not training, I’m trying to recover and eat” (2:00)
  • Predicting the unpredictable at the CrossFit Games, and hitting “odd” movements (4:30)
  • Having a stronger-than-average upper body (8:00)
  • Going viral for max bench press strength (9:00)
  • “I couldn’t even overhead squat the barbell when I started” (12:00)
  • Life beyond CrossFit, and longevity in the sport (17:20)
  • Linking up with coach Justin Cotler (18:10)

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