Watch Powerlifter Angelina Elovikova (-72kg) Deadlift 528lbs

Check out Angelina Elovikova at only 72kg pull a jaw dropping 528lbs!

If you are not closely following Russian powerlifter Angelina Elovikova, you are missing the growth of a competitor with major potential in the future of the sport. She competes in classic powerlifting and can lift some serious weight. 

Her competition results up until this are really impressive, but before delving into them, kindly take a moment to watch her pull a gargantuan 239kg (528lbs) deadlift single. She competes regularly in the 72kg (158lbs) weight class, so this pull is well over three times her competition bodyweight:

In her Instagram post, she writes:

We had a good week.

That’s a bit of an understatement. She’s had a great career. And it is still early. At only 25 years of age, Elovikova has appeared in seven competitions across eastern Europe. Of those seven, she has made the podium at all but one of them, including taking the gold at the Russian Classic Powerlifting Championships twice.

The only time Elovikova missed the podium was her most recent appearance this past June in Sweden at the International Powerlifting Federation World Classic Powerlifting Championships where she placed fifth. Her biggest pull at that event was 222.5kg (490lbs). The only two competitors to beat that lift were the eventual winner of the event, Kimberly Walford of the Virgin Islands with a deadlift of 242.5kg (534lbs), and the runner-up, Jessica Buettner of Canada with a deadlift of 237.5kg (523lbs). For context, Walford’s 242.5kg (534lbs) deadlift is the current world record.

That means Elovikova’s 239kg (528lbs) lift performed in the video on her Instagram page displayed that she is capable of surpassing Buettner’s 237.5kg (523lbs) pull and has the potential to challenge Walford’s world record.–6eBE_b/

Elovikova plans to compete at the Asian Classic Powerlifting Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan in the first week of December. It is not yet known what weight she will attempt to pull, but rest assured we will watching closely knowing that the record book is within her grasp.

Feature image from Angelina Elovikova’s Instagram page. @unrrreal