25 Days of Gifting: Athletic Greens Christmas Bundle

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To continue our 25 Days of Gifting extravaganza, BarBend and Athletic Greens are teaming up to give one lucky winner a holiday bundle package!

The world’s most famous greens supplement is joining us for their biggest giveaway yet! This giveaway with Athletic Greens includes 2 packages of Athletic Greens, 1 package of Athletic Greens Travel Packs, 1 Whey Protein, 1 Omega 3 package, and 1 D3/K2 supplement! One lucky winner is about to get the biggest package in our series of Athletic Greens giveaways!

Athletic Greens is one of the world’s most famous greens powders (and all BarBend readers can get 24% off their greens powder here). As tasty as it is nutritious, Athletic Greens is densely packed with probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and more to supplement performance.

[Learn why Athletic Greens topped our list of Best Green Superfood Powders here! We also reviewed Athletic Greens in-depth.]

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Athletic Greens Christmas Bundle Giveaway