Benjamin “Binnie” Downs Pulls Unreal 700lb Paused Deadlift Triple

Downs makes pulling paused 700lb deadlifts look way too easy.

Benjamin “Binnie” Downs is a Canadian powerlifter whose gigantic lifts in the gym are more of what one might expect a from a competitive strongman. We have seen him show off his strength by deadlifting over 900lb and also display his cardio pulling 317.5kg/700lb for a set of ten.

So when it comes to what the kinds of lifts Downs could perform that would be impressive by comparison, the list is pretty short. But apparently not short enough, because he recently shared a post on his Instagram page where he performed an eye-popping 317.5kg/700lb paused triple and made it look easy. Check it out below:


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Those are some long pauses at mid-shin.

“Training during quarantine has been incredible.”

Downs training has not been hindered at all by the Coronavirus pandemic causing gyms to remain closed. Luckily for Downs, he was already well set up for gyms to close since he has a pretty extensive home gym, which has clearly paid out large improvements in his heavy lifts.

“I still heavily implore everyone (if it’s financially feasible and have the room) to GROW YOUR HOME GYM! You will not regret it!”

About a month and a half ago, while still during quarantine, Downs managed to hit a new all-time squat personal best — 347kg/765lb. If you missed it, you can see it for yourself below from his Instagram page:


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According to Open Powerlifting, Downs has not appeared in a sanctioned meet since August 2014 at the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) Prairie Crossfit Open where he competed in the 120+kg class and placed first. Of the eight competitions Downs competed in between 2011-2014, he won seven of them with the only blemish being a silver medal finish at the 2013 CPU Canadian Championships. He went on to win that same event a year later with a 780kg/1,720lb total.

Feature image from Benjamin Downs Instagram page: @binniedowns