Big Man Weekend Show Bodybuilding Results

Josh Lenartowicz wins the Big Man Weekend in Spain.

The IFBB Pro League has contests that take place all over the world so competitors around the globe have their chance to showcase their physiques and international fans can be entertained and inspired by the show they are watching.

These shows aren’t only limited to the athletes in that country. International stars can also make their presence known in unfamiliar countries. This was the case in Alicante, Spain at the Big Man Weekend show. While the show took place in Europe, a man from “down under” would emerge on top.

Winner – Josh Lenartowicz

Lenartowicz’s season didn’t start as he hoped at the Arnold Classic. He would place 8th in that show and follow it up with a 4th place showing in his own homeland at the Arnold Australia. If he was to make his return to the Olympia stage in 2019 and be his best, then he would need to win an early show and he decided that this weekend was the time and Spain was the place.

While this might not be his best overall showing, his combination of mass and symmetry along with good conditioning was enough for him to take the title here. Now he will move forward and prepare for the Olympia in September where he hopes to improve on his Top 10 standings from 2016 and 2017.

2nd – Akim Williams

Williams keeps knocking on the door but has yet to achieve victory this season. He still appears to have trouble with holding water in his lower back and his midsection doesn’t show the deep cuts in the abs that he needs to beat someone like Lenartowicz. If he doesn’t win a future show, he still might be able to qualify for the Olympia on points based on his high finishes.

3rd – James Hollingshead

In a lineup that doesn’t include Lenartowicz and Williams, this guy would be the winner. Unfortunately they were and the UK native didn’t have enough size to match up. No doubt a victory will be in his near future as long as he keeps improving as well as he has been. His following in England and on social media is a loyal one and they will be supporting him at any show he enters.

4th – Eddie Bracamontes

Brocamontes fared pretty well in this show but he was clearly 4th based on the score cards. To go up against the top two in this show you have to be carrying a lot of mass without sacrificing conditioning or symmetry. He is a good bodybuilder but still has work to do on all fronts.

5th – Rafael Brandao

It’s always great to see young pros jump right in and compete to see where they stand. Brandao has been getting attention since he debut at the Arnold Classic. He almost won his home country show which was the Arnold South America. To have a second Top five in his rookie year is something he should be proud of. No word on when he will compete again.

Final Standings

1st – Josh Lenartowicz
2nd – Akim Williams
3rd – James Hollingshead
4th – Eddie Bracamontes
5th – Rafael Brandao
6th – Essa Obaid
7th – Andrea Presti
8th – Dani Kaganovich
9th – Ken Jackson
10th – Diego Nunes
11th – Mohmoud Kafi
12th – Erik Ramirez
13th – Miha Zupan