Who’s Competing? The Big Names at This Weekend’s CrossFit Regionals

North Central combines with Central East for the Central Regional. South Central combines with Latin American for the South Regional…but South East ends up in Atlantic. All of Russia somehow gets lumped in with the Pacific Regional. We still can’t figure out how “Mid Atlantic” applies to landlocked West Virginia, but middle-of-the-Atlantic island Bermuda ends up in the Latin America region.

Oh, and athletes keep region-hopping like they’re trying to find the coolest lunch table. We can hardly keep this straight, and it’s basically our job.

You’re an important person with important person things to do, and we know you just want someone to sift through all of this and tell you when and where the big names are competing. That way, all the time you would have spent figuring out these details can be better spent at the squat rack.

You’re welcome. Now, go get yourself a paleo beer and prepare to hunker down for the weekend. Someone is going to cry, and we don’t want it to be you because you missed L. Fish throw down.

California Regionals

California is historically one of the weakest Regions (according to some analysis), leading many to question if it really deserves a dedicated Regional. Nevertheless, it’s stacked with big names. Lookout for:

Dan Bailey

Garret Fisher

Josh Bridges

Kenneth Leverich

Marcus Filly

Chyna Cho

Brooke Ence

Colleen Fotsch

Alessandra Pichelli

Lauren Fisher

Kristine Andali (moved from Canada East)

Becca Voight

At least two of those monster ladies aren’t going to the Games…probably more. Think about how insane that is.

Noticeably Missing: Jenn Jones, who despite injury, placed 33rd in the South Central Region.

South Regionals

Phew, the South Regional is far easier to keep track of than Cali. There’s really only a few big names (defined by us as bona-fide “CrossFit celebrity”) to note in the South:

Roy Gamboa

Elijah “EZ” Muhammad (Moved from Atlantic)

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Noticeably Missing: Maddy Meyers & Andrea Ager, both of whom are going team this year

Pacific Regionals

Queen Kara Webb and King Khan Porter headline the Pacific Region this weekend, per usual.  

Note that due to the time change, the Pacific Regionals start on Thursday evening at 7pm EST.