Billy Gunn Compares His Diet and Training to His Younger Self on “The Mike O’Hearn Show”

Gunn is far more regimented in his training and nutrition at 59 than he was at 20.

The June 2, 2023, episode of The Mike O’Hearn Show featured a return guest. WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW pro wrestler Billy Gunn joined the show’s namesake to discuss how Gunn structures his training regimen with such a busy travel schedule.

I train body parts according to travel. I structure my training around my travel.

For example, on TV tapings for AEW on Wednesdays, Gunn trains arms rather than legs to not feel wiped out by the time he has to be show ready. Furthermore, Gunn prioritizes two rest days per week on the weekends. Check out the full video below, courtesy of the Generation Iron YouTube channel, to hear more about how Gunn plans his fitness around his hectic job:

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The older Gunn gets, the more his training evolves compared to his younger self first getting into the squared circle. When Gunn was a brash 20-something ready to take names in the ring, he could operate on much less sleep and train with a higher frequency.

For the 59-year-old Gunn to stay healthy and in the muscularly dense shape he’s in while traveling constantly, he has to put in significantly more effort than his younger self. O’Hearn calls out how Gunn’s physique during the late 90s-early 2000s on camera was akin to that of a Greek god, but Gunn admits that he did not have nearly as clean of a diet or regimented training routine as he has now.

I was not as honed in on my training as I am now.

Gunn’s evolution in the gym with his age is thanks, in part, to his growing interest in bodybuilding as a sport. He made clear that his younger self had a lack of information regarding diet and training.


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Gunn’s progression into the bodybuilding space emerged from having had a successful career in pro wrestling. He sought to reach the echelons of the sport and is a household name in that world. Although still very active in the sport, routinely on TV every week, Gunn’s interest in bodybuilding has grown.

My mindset was never working out, [it] was become the best wrestler that I could.

In the wrestling business, there are no weeks off. TV tapings happen 52 weeks per year, even over holidays. From Gunn’s point of view, staying in shape and remaining relevant in the ring was simply a matter of getting it done or not getting it done.

I just happen to get it done.

Be sure to watch the entire interview in the video above to hear more insight from Gunn about how he has maintained his muscle-bound physique into his middle age and beyond.

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