Brian Shaw Aids Crash Victim By Nearly Pulling His Car Door Off

Shaw was at the scene of an accident prior to the arrival of first responders.

This past Friday, June 5th, 4-time World Strongest Man champion Brian Shaw was present on the scene of a car crash near his home. The accident was purported to be a head-on collision that left one of the victims stuck inside his mangled vehicle.

Shaw, who was riding in his truck with his wife on the way to a vacation weekend out of town, hopped out to see if there was anything he could do, and the victim in the car closest to Shaw was responsive.

Shaw determined that to help the man, who was injured and bleeding, he should try to tear the door off the car to get him out

To hear him tell the full story, check out the video below from his Instagram page:

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“The way the door was, it was jammed back, and he was trapped inside. He asked me to get him out. My first response was I’m going to rip the door off this guy’s car and get him out of there.”

Shaw broke the window and bent the door halfway off before being advised by a woman who on the phone to 911 that it may be best to not remove the door in case it furthered any potential injuries that were sustained. Shaw then pulled the airbag up and was able to help keep the victim responsive and able to breath until first responders arrived on the scene. 

“It was a spot to be in overall. The whole situation was something you don’t want to encounter in life. It was tough, he was banged up. Thankfully, he was talking.”


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Shaw delivered a message to his followers in the hopes that they can take away something positive from this tragic event.

“I always talk about being a good person and doing the right thing. You can be a good person, set everything else aside, and make the right choice. With everything going on in the world, it’s even more important to share a message like this about being positive, being a good person, doing the right thing. I really believe that the world is a great place and there are a lot of great people in it.”

Feature image from Brian Shaw’s Instagram page: @shawstrength