Brian Shaw and Eddie Hall May Face Off Bodybuilding Style

The strongmen may pose down against each other.

You’ve seen Brian Shaw and Eddie Hall are very familiar with each other when it comes to competitions. They’ve competed at the elite level of strongman. Shaw won the 2016 World’s Strongest Man for his fourth title and Hall placed third. Hall won his title in 2017 and immediately retired. Shaw finished 3rd that year.

Fast forward to 2019 and they took part in numerous strength showdowns as a part of the TV series “The Strongest Men in History”. Now they may face off against each other again but in a different form of competition – bodybuilding.

Shaw posted a Q&A video on his “Shaw Strength” YouTube channel and mentioned the possibility of this happening in one of his answers.

“I will say along these lines Eddie Hall and I have had some conversations about doing a competition against one another in bodybuilding, which I think I would absolutely annihilate him in. But it was an interesting conversation and it was very interesting. I wish we’d got that on video because we went back and forth and it got kind of competitive.”

Hall has not been shy about showcasing his physique since walking away from the sport of strongman. He had lost approximately 60 pounds since his 2017 WSM victory. He weighed around 430 pounds back when he was active in strongman. His weight has been around 370 pounds recently and does appear to have visible abs at times when shirtless.

Hall has also been shown he will accept challenges that are different than he is used to. In 2020 alone he has trained to perform a backflip and also set the world record performing the workout “Isabel” at a CrossFit competition.

As for the 6’8” and 420 pound Shaw, he has never dieted down for the purpose of physique improvement and feels him being larger helps him on the platforms when competing. In 2019, he had been going through a weight loss program to reach a bodyweight below 400 pounds. However, after placing 7th at the 2019 Arnold Europe, he changed course and opted to focus on being more athletic while maintaining a heavier weight.

Even though Shaw’s focus currently is on the 2020 World’s Strongest Man contest, he did say that he’d be up for facing Hall in the future should the dates work for both parties.

“I’m sure some people would get a kick out of that and I’d have a good time beating him so we’ll see what happens.”

As of this writing, there was no response from Hall about this potential showdown. Should he speak about this (and he likely will), we’ll keep you posted.

Featured Images: Instagram/shawstrength and Instagram/eddiehallwsm