Chris Bumstead Announces Hany Rambod as His New Coach for 2022 Olympia

The reigning Classic Physique Olympia champ has a new guru.

Three-time Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead has announced that he will be working with a new coach for his 2022 Olympia prep, and it’s none other than renowned nutritionist Hany Rambod. Bumstead announced this in a YouTube video published on Oct. 22, 2022; check it out below:

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“The secret’s out,” Bumstead joked. He made the statement in jest because rumors swirled for several weeks that Rambod was working with Bumstead. The change comes after Bumstead announced in a previous video that he would no longer be working with his brother-in-law, Iain Valliere.

That joint decision was made for both of their best interests. Valliere can focus on himself as an athlete, while Bumstead can work with a coach focused on his needs leading up to the 2022 Olympia, scheduled for Dec. 16-18 in Las Vegas, NV.

Rambod is known in bodybuilding circles as “The Pro Creator” due to a coaching resume decorated with a total of 20 Olympia titles with a combination of male and female athletes. Among those athletes are Phil Heath and Jay Cutler in the Mr. Olympia, Olympia 202 winner Kevin English, Jeremy Buendia in the Men’s Physique Olympia, and Nicole Wilkins and Jenny Lynn in Figure. Rambod currently works with Hadi Choopan and 2021 Olympia 212 champion Derek Lunsford in the Men’s Open division. 

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One of the few things Rambod has not done in his coaching career is work with a Classic Physique Olympia champion. He has also never worked with a defending champion for the first time. Bumstead revealed in the video that he and Rambod started talks in August 2022. Rambod expressed shock when he first got the call to work with the reigning champion.

It definitely came from left field. A lot of people think this has been going on for a long time. It really hadn’t.

Bumstead said that Rambod expressed concern about working together at the beginning of Olympia prep instead of in the off-season, but they both reassured that they feel confident it will work.

It’s not my first rodeo, it’s not (Rambod’s) first rodeo. We’ll make it work. I’m excited.

Bumstead goes into the Olympia as the only three-time champion in Classic Physique history. He hopes to make it four in a row this December but will have to hold off former champion Breon Ansley, two-time Arnold Classic winner Terrence Ruffin, and rising stars Urs Kalecinski and Ramon Rocha Queiroz.

Featured Image: @cbum on Instagram