Don Faul, a Retired Marine and Former Tech Exec, is the New CEO of CrossFit

Faul, a retired Marine and CEO of Athos, is now at the helm of CrossFit.

On August 2, 2022, CrossFit HQ announced in a press release that Don Faul is the company’s new CEO. The news comes one day before the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games — the organization’s tentpole event — in Madison, WI. 

“I met Don more than seven years ago, and I believe he is the perfect leader to bridge the past, present, and future of CrossFit,” said former CEO Eric Roza. “From his military background to his passion for training in the box, Don has seen firsthand how CrossFit can transform and save lives, so he understands the importance of growing our business and sharing our proven, unmatched model for health and fitness around the world.”

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Courtesy of CrossFit

Faul’s placement as CEO comes about two months after Alison Andreozzi, CrossFit’s Chief Financial Officer, was named Interim Chief following Eric Roza’s stepping down from the CEO position in February of 2022. Roza is now Chairman of the Board.

The announcement of Faul as CEO isn’t the only recent organizational shift at CrossFit HQ. In January of 2022, former CrossFit Manager of Sport, Dave Castro, was released from the organization and replaced by Justin Bergh. Then, in June, it was announced that Castro would return to CrossFit as a “key advisor focused on affiliates and coaches.”

About Don Faul

According to CrossFit, Faul is an executive leader with eight years of CrossFit experience. He’s also a retired U.S. Marine Corps platoon commander.

According to Faul’s LinkedIn page, Faul has held positions at Google Inc. (Manager, Online Sales and Operations), Facebook (VP of Online Operations), Pinterest (Head of Operations), and, most recently, as the CEO of Athos.

Faul has a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Naval Academy and an MBA from Stanford University.  

“At a time when global health trends are in decline; when people are starved for personal connection and community, CrossFit is more important than ever,” Faul said. “I’ve experienced the impact of CrossFit firsthand, seeing how it helps people improve their fitness, reverse chronic disease, and build meaningful connections with other members of the CrossFit community. There are over 14,000 CrossFit affiliates around the world that have changed millions of people’s lives. But we’re just getting started. Our job is to share CrossFit with the rest of the world, so our affiliates and coaches can help and inspire the tens of millions of people we haven’t yet reached.”

Featured Image: Courtesy of CrossFit