Which CrossFit Games Athletes Snatch the Most Weight? (Males)

We’ll square with you, readers: We’re trying to figure out which male CrossFit Games athletes snatch the heaviest weight, and we want your help. And don’t worry, because we certainly plan on finding out which female athletes can go heaviest from ground to overhead in one motion — but in the context of this article, we’re focusing on the fellas.

Check out our initial list below of male CrossFit Games competitors with snatches over (in some cases well over) 300 pounds. Here’s the thing: We know this isn’t exhaustive, and we’re sure we’ve missed some names who deserve inclusion.

That’s where you come in. Let us know who we’re missing in the comments, along with a link to their heaviest snatch!

A few rules, because it’s worth narrowing this thing down just a bit:

  • We’re looking for male athletes who have competed at The CrossFit Games in the past three years (so 2014 on).
  • The athletes can have competed as individuals or on teams (or, in some cases, both).
  • These need to be snatches starting at the ground, but they can be caught in a power or full squat (or, heck, muscle-snatched). So hang snatches don’t count for these purposes.
  • Straps can be used.

Without further delay, here’s the list so far; we’ll be updating these as folks give us tips, but if we’re missing your favorite male athlete, DON’T PANIC.

Just let us know in the comments with a link to a video of them snatching heavy (above 300 pounds, please), and we’ll add them (just as fast as we can)!

Christian Harris, Team Dynamix (2016), 330 Pounds

Harris is tied as one of our current leaders, and he regularly posts videos of himself going over 310 pounds.

Cameron Pernich, Team Boise CrossFit (2014 & 2016), Team Verdant CrossFit (2015), 330 Pounds

Pernich first hit 150kg/330 pounds at just 20 years old.

Blaine McConnell, CrossFit Nordic (2016), 330 Pounds

McConnell don’t need/ain’t got time for no weightlifting shoes with this snatch PR.

Mat Fraser, Individual (2014, 2015, 2016), 315 Pounds

The defending champ’s heaviest (that we’ve seen on film) is this lift from 2014.

Danny Nichols, Team OPEX Red (2015), 315 Pounds

Nichols has also power snatched 305 pounds.

Sam Dancer, Individual (2016) / Team Conjugate Black (2014), 310 Pounds

We’ve seen Sam Dancer go heavier from the hang (330), but this is the heaviest we’ve seen him hit from the ground.

Elijah “EZ” Muhammad, Individual (2015), 310 Pounds


Rich Froning, Individual (2014) / Team CrossFit Mayhem (2015 and 2016), 306 Snatch

FYI, Froning hit 305 in the 2014 CrossFit Invitational.

Nick Urankar, Individual (2015), 305 Pounds

While Urankar didn’t qualify for the 2016 Games, he put on a show in the Vendor Village in Carson.