CrossFit Partners With Ragnar Relays to Create New Division

CrossFit Inc. has announced their newly established partnership with Ragnar Relay races. This partnership will create a new CrossFit Division within the existing Ragnar Relay race format for athletes and affiliates to compete in.

Local CrossFit affiliates will now have the ability to sign up for Ragnar Relays and compete in the specially designed CrossFit Division. Teams that signup will compete against each other for a limited edition 80-lb kettlebell trophy.

In CrossFit’s press release, General Manager of the CrossFit Games Justin Bergh said, “Every day CrossFit athletes train to improve their fitness. Joining forces with Ragnar allows them to take that fitness outdoors in an official CrossFit Division. The experience of racing as a team over two days will force people out of their comfort zones and add new depth to their relationships outside the box.”

The CrossFit Division is set to take place in both of Ragnar’s road and trail relay formats. Currently, there are 38 total trail and road events available in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Affiliates and athletes can head to the attached link to sign up for a race.

So What Exactly Are Ragnar Relay Races?

Ragnar Relays are team based races that are designed to take place in nontraditional race locations such as the Adirondacks, Del Sol, Hawaii, and many more. They offer two race formats, which include trail and road relays, and take place over two days and one night. Teams race up to 200-miles and bring a van for road races, and camp in tents for trail relays.

The specs of each type of race slightly differ, and you can check out some of the key differences below.

Road Relay Trail Relay
Run: Roads, backroads, bike paths, sidewalks Run: Single track trails, double track trails, dirt service roads
Sleep: Local highschools, designated sleeping areas, and in your van Sleep: In your tent at Ragnar village
Team: 12 (6 for ultra team) Team: 8 (4 for ultra team)
Total Miles/Runner: 11-24 Total Miles/Runner: 14-16
Duration: 2 days, 1 night Duration: 2 days, 1 night


CrossFit and Ragnar both seem similar in the way they’re designed to bring communities together to push their limits. For those who love CrossFit and pushing new limits with friends, then this could be a cool perk of joining and being part of a local box.

Feature image from @ragnartrail Instagram page.