Danial Zamani Bench Presses 337.5 Kilograms Raw in Training

It seems that two men are now fighting for an 800-pound raw bench press.

In November of 2019, Julius Maddox set the world record for the heaviest raw bench press ever performed when he successfully pressed 337.5 kilograms (744 pounds) at the Rob Hall Classic in Austin, Texas. His current world record is now at 355 kilograms (782 pounds), and he is marching towards his ultimate goal of 800 pounds. However, it appears that Maddox may have some competition.

Less than two years later after Maddox’s event in Texas, a second man has now broken the 337.5-kilogram mark. On June 27, 2021, Danial Zamani posted a video onto his Instagram account of himself taking the 337.5 kilograms for a ride on the flat bench.

The video can be seen in the post below. This is an improvement of 7.5 kilograms since he pressed 330 kilograms in April of 2021. Even though there were three spotters ready to help if needed, the weight moved with ease, and it showed that Zamani still has strength to spare. He states in the caption of the post that he wants to press 350 kilograms soon.


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“Here is today’s workout top set of 337.5 second heaviest raw bench press of all time. I had some fear and hesitated doing it today because there is still pain in my left pectoralis, but I did it because I promised myself and the world,” Zamani wrote on Instagram. “Trusting in God and hard work, I will reach 350 kilograms in a month as (per) my plan.”

The major difference between Maddox’s lift and Zamani’s is that Maddox’s was done in a sanctioned powerlifting meet, whereas Zamani’s was done in a gym (so it doesn’t count as an official lift). Nonetheless, Zamani has made it clear that Maddox has company when it comes to super heavy raw bench pressing. Maddox is clearly paying attention — he actually shared Zamani’s post on his Instagram Stories. He also commented “wow” with four flexed muscle emojis in the comments of Zamani’s post. 


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The post by Zamani comes four days after Maddox’s own impressive bench press feat. Maddox posted a video on his own Instagram of him bench-pressing 330 kilograms (727.5 pounds) for a double (seen above).  He was originally scheduled to take his second attempt at pressing the elusive 800 pounds on June 10, 2021, but he has postponed it for now. During his first attempt at 800-pounds, in June 2020, but the bar was misloaded and Maddox missed the press.

Maddox has yet to announce a new date for his 800-pound attempt, but he may want to set a date before Zamani makes up even more ground. Both men are clearly the two strongest pressers on the planet and a little competition never hurt. 

Featured Image: @danialzamani1 on Instagram